TMBR setup

Hey guys,

I just received a TMBR Morrow in the mail today and after an hour of throwing it came undone and flew across the room… Do anyone has any trick for this to never happen again. I basically un-did both cap. setup the gap so that it’s flush with the side wall and then use a flathead screwdriver and held the side I was thighning down and thighten the 2 side cap. Sadly the screwdriver left some marking on the caps tho :frowning:

Any other tips form anyone owning a TMBR ?


Well first of all use a coin in the gap instead of a screwdriver. That should keep the damage to a minimum. There are a couple threads about setting TMBRs up. Let me see if I can find one.

Edit- here ya go. :slight_smile:

Wood + Glue + Pants Pocket = 2pc Yoyo


Well damage to the cap is done sadly :frowning: Thanks for the thread. that worked well I think… Only time will tell…

Thanks guys