REPLAY PRO removed caps

IMO, The pink just had to go :stuck_out_tongue:
First, I drilled a small tiny hole with my dremmel. Then, I used a coathanger tip bent as small hook to poke through, and pull cap out. Worked great, no damage to the yoyo!
Notice in pics where the empty hollow area is for safe drilling.
I’m going to make some blue caps for it soon, but I’m enjoying it like it is :wink:
The last picture shows the Eisenhower Dollar Coin is an exact match for cap size. I didn’t really press them in tight, just playing around ;D Each coin weighs 22.5 grams!

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How different does it play without the caps?

I didn’t notice any difference. It now has blue caps I made from the inner un-printed side of an empty laundry detergent plastic container. I like this better than original caps.

The YYF poly in that photo looks so inviting.

That thing looks sweet.

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