Need help with a loose dm2 cap

the first time i took ca cap out and then back in it started getting kinda loose then i started rotating it ykow inside the yoyo and now its really looses eand it makes a strnge sound as the yoyo spins.
Please help.
–wisswiss ;D

You could add tape to the sides of the cap, or just keep it out if it bothers you a lot. You can also just play with one cap

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thanks, the only deal is i love the caps

Use a little bit of white glue that dries clear. Elmer’s glue-all can fit the bill quite nicely and if you only use a tiny bit, it will be just enough to hold the cap in place, but let you eventually remove it should you choose to do so.

I also like the caps in my yoyos.


This happened to my Mini Motu. I removed the cap and placed it on a flat, solid surface and used a hammer to flatten the cap around the edges. This compressed the plastic enough to essentially increase the diameter of the cap and it fits now. No damage done, and no glue or tape necessary.

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Ah yes, the hammer. The solver of many problems, precision or otherwise!

Seriously, interesting. I never thought of that. I might try that next time I have a loose cap. I would suggest a wood surface so the wood can absorb some of the impact. This helps it the energy actually absorb into the material.

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Yep, wood is a good recommendation as it is smooth and won’t scratch the cap. The harder the wood the better though. I used particle board on top of cement; pine would probably dent and be less effective.

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yes the deal is that my caps isnt flat its a dm2 black spade edition cap so its a little bit yknow with some “mountains” we might say but thanks let me try itout

tried it out didnt work, any other suggestions?

I’m pretty sure those caps are still flat. Am I wrong? Regular Dark Magic caps are flat, and the special edition only has a different artwork on it.

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yeah i got that wrong sorry so how hard do i have to hit it with the hammer cuz i tried that out and it ddnt really work though i didnt hit it that hard

I think you can hit it pretty hard as long as you’re not going to break it. You should be hitting the very edge (hammer head would probably be half on, half off the cap), and you’re not hitting straight down (you want to angle the head slightly so the edge takes the impact). Work your way all the way around the circumference. The surface the cap is on needs to be smooth and hard so the cap absorbs all the impact.

Whatever you do, be patient and don’t try anything desperate.

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Just try the glue… Very little. put a small dot on one side then a small dot on the opposite side. Problem solved.

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Contact yyj for new ones. They will send them free of charge if you buy the stamp :wink: