How to fix Loose DM2 Caps?

I recently ordered a ghost DM2 and popped off the caps to use the light kit. But now since popping off the caps I’ve noticed that the caps don’t stay on nearly as well as they originally did when I first got the dm2. Sometimes when I bind I can still see the caps spinning! So that must mean the caps aren’t stuck in place and are spinning this makes a loud whirring noise and seems to have added vibe. I would think this is a very common problem with DM2s.

Any tips?

I used to put a tiny dab of super glue or silicone on the cap where it touches the body of the yoyo.


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Maybe you can glue the cap with a bit of silcon. I wont recommend super glue as they might melt the plastic- the cap.

I’ve done this with a FHZ and it worked well, I had no issue getting the cap off later. Strong emphasis on TINY dab.

I had this exact issue with my GE DM2… I also had the caps make popping sounds sometimes. I’ve always thought this throw was a little too heavy, so I fixed all the problems by just removing the caps.

It’ll be quieter, a little. It’ll also be lighter and the IRG will be accessible.

I’ll look for some super glue thanks guys

No it won’t. Super glue has no effect on plastic.

In my experience super glue absolutely has an effect on plastic. I have a couple of clear plastics around that used to be clear until there was some super glue applied. The glue caused clouding of the clear plastic, even some distance from the glue site. Also, it’s pretty much impossible to remove SG from plastic without damaging it.

Personally, I wouldn’t risk the super glue. The caps kind of snap in place anyway, so a much less aggressive adhesive would work fine and be removable. Elmer’s makes clear glue that would probably work ok, and it would wash off easily.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m curious to know how it turns out…


Conflicting opinions.

I found this loctite adhesive in the toolbox
Maybe I should use that?

I think that depends on the type of locktite you have. I’ve read reports that LT271 will not hurt plastics, but LT243 will. Some reports are conflicting like we are here.

Most adhesives of this type advise to test on an inconspicuous area to see if there will be a reaction because they don’t test their products on all types of plastic. There isn’t really an inconspicuous area on a yoyo though, so I would play it safe here and try a weaker mechanical adhesive rather than a chemical bond.

Or just remove the caps. I think the DM2 plays better without them anyway.

Why not keep the caps out?

If you really need to replace the caps use Elmer’s School Glue. It will hold most everything and, to the best of my knowledge, will not hurt or damage anything.

I suggested elmer’s earlier for that exact reason. The normal ‘school glue’ is white and will show up as white blotches on the clear caps and body of the ghost edition DM2. They make a clear version of their glue though that should work perfectly. I’ve seen in in the school supply isle right next to the regular school glue. It’s perfect for a first thing to try anyway. If it doesn’t work, you spent like a dollar and didn’t damage anything.

If your brand is a cyanoacrylate compound, it forms a mechanical bond, not a chemical bond. Thus it should not have an effect on plastic. Super Glue, & Crazy Glue are common brands.

Maybe my use of the word “mechanical” wasn’t quite right, but… Cyanoacrylate undergoes a chemical reaction in the presence of water causing it to polymerise into long chains that hold the parts together. It will also generate heat when applied to natural fibers like cotton, wool, or leather. Material Safety Data Sheets for cyanoacrylate instruct users not to wear cotton or wool clothing, especially cotton gloves, when applying or handling cyanoacrylates because of a possible “powerful, rapid exothermic reaction.”

In short, the bond between the two surfaces is mechanical, but the process of hardening the glue is chemical. I’ve never heard of elmer’s glue “reacting” with anything.

Yoyoys are generally not made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, or leather. I’ve never had it react with any plastics involved in yoyo production. YMMV.

In any event, a small drop at the edge will not have a noticeable effect.

I officially have no idea what to do

In any event, Elmer’s washable clear glue will not discolor, damage, permanently bond, blemish, or in any other way have a negative effect on anything… even if you eat it. Your mileage will not vary at all.

Ok, maybe you don’t want to eat it. Just sayin’

This solution is a little unusual, but it worked perfectly for me.

One of my Mini Motu caps was loose and rattling. I removed the cap and placed it on a flat, smooth, solid surface (thin particle board on cement) and used a hammer to flatten the cap all around the edges. You want to angle the head slightly so the edge takes the impact. This compresses the plastic enough to essentially increase the diameter of the cap. I did it incrementally until it fit snugly.

No damage done, and no glue or tape necessary. Pretty cool, in my opinion.

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Did it add vibe?