Loop 808, loose cap


So, I got a loose cap on one of my Loop 808s. It kind of spins around in place. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t affect play at all (and yeah, I get it that’s all that matters).

But it kind of makes a rattling sound. So, what do you guys think? Dab of superglue two opposite sides of the cap? (to keep things symmetrical) I’m not sure how a small mass like a dab of superglue will effect play on loopers, but my money’s on not that much.

Just looking for a second opinion. Thanks in advance!


I should be fine although I wouldn’t use superglue because superglue is pretty permanent. Maybe Elmer’s?


I’d avoid gluing it at all. I’d email YYF to see if it’s a commom problem and ask them if there is an easy fix.


Both mine and my kid’s pair have this issue. So, there’s 4 right there, sold while Ben witnessed, at the YYF tent at Nationals.

I think it’s a common problem. I’m tolerant of it. Performance isn’t affected. I like the Unleashed better, but I gotta say I do like these.


Yeah, I feel the same way. I like the Unleashed better too, but these are definitely nice for the price. It’s not a big deal if doesn’t get fixed via glue. I probably wouldn’t contact YYF, though. Just wondering if anyone thought if glue would be a good/bad idea. :slight_smile:


It’s a common problem across many different lines of yoyos with caps since the beginning of time. A couple of dabs of elmers is the accepted solution. Super glue works too. It’s not permanent on plastic.


Elmer’s worked great. Thanks!