What should I do???

I got a PSG and after a few throws one of the caps just flew off! I put it back on and threw it down again and that same cap just flew off again! What should I do?

It probably plays better without the caps.

Well than how do I get the other one off?

Should I just super glue it back on? Cause it would be too light with out.

super glue will work


Just be careful, you won’t be able to easily take it off again if you super glue it.

I prefer to have them on.

I would advise against super gluing the caps back on, because most likely, it will have vibe if you do. Many factors could contribute to this; for example: the weight of the superglue, the placement of the caps, etc. Make sure when you do it, do it right or you could have serious vibe issues.

I completely agree after making some hubstacks, the slightest difference in weight can create some wobble. You could test it out with a small amount of hot glue first since you can pull it right out after. Super glue is much harder to remove.

It already dried and its back on and there is no vibe.

Adegle glues the caps on anyways. They’re usually super hard to get off.

As you can see, it worked out. There is very little chance super glue will induce a vibe. And for those of you concerned about it, the caps will probably pop off with a little force. Super glue does not react with the plastic to cause a plastic weld like permanent joint. It is only a surface glue joint when used on plastic.