Was stupid and put a blowdryer on my DM2

(Vincent-) #1

So watdo, now the metal caps fall off too easily, i basically have a shell of a yoyo, any way i can repair it


don’t think so man, you should probably contact Andre about this.

(Vincent-) #3

Nah, i wouldnt do that, it was my own bad that i was trying to harden the sili faster


Gorilla Glue at the joints might do the trick if it goes together. Could also try putting it in the freezer for awhile with the metal together.


Crazy glue would work a bit better since it doesn’t expand when the it dries. Also, thanks for the tip! I just learned how to take the rings off my DMII easily!


Are you talking about the metalized caps or the aluminum rings?

(Vincent-) #7

The rings


it’s not stupid…it’s learnin’ :slight_smile:

and agree’d - you can put some adhesive on the rims/plastic to join them back together. i would go w/ any adhesive made for metal/plastic - they have specialty adhesives out there that will do just that.




Care to post pictures of the yoyo, the various loose parts and perhaps the hair dryer?

I mean, everyone knows you air dry a plastic yoyo!

Sorry, I haven’t used a hair dryer in over 10 years. We aim those at our skulls, and it gets hot enough to melt polycarbonate? I’d expect a heat gun but not a hair dryer.

So, note to all: Paper towels!!