Classic cap!!! Can't get back on! Help!

My classic cap came partially out from a super hard bang on the tile, so I just pried it out took a look and now can’t get it back on. The yoyo is fine but how do I get the cap back in?

It’s really hard, I assume its press fitted and that the plastic is smaller than the cap.


There is a slight taper to the lip that locks the cap into place, but it also means that the caps are a very tight fit. Freeze the cap and heat up the body. You can run it under warm water, but make sure to dry it very well. Then place the cap on a sturdy table and press the body onto it.

Thanks! I’ll try tomorrow!

Stick it on the floor and then press with both hands on the cap.

That didn’t work. When I say hard to get on I mean it.

I did what Mrcnja suggested and got it on!


Now I need to sand all the blade marks haha!

One way to do that would be to throw a hard sleeper and the place a bit of sandpaper touching the affected area.

Got lots of those on mine…