can you remove the caps of a classic?

wanting to swap some colors

From what I heard you CAN but SHOULD NOT because you could break them.

That said from the info I gathered they are press fit on and can be taken off in a way similar to the way you take YYF spacers off a bearing; by using a thin knife as a wedge to separate the two pieces gradually going from a paper thin knife to a Crocodile Dundee knife. It’s time consuming, dangerous, and in my opinion not worth the risk.

Personally I’d recommend asking YYE or YYJ if they have/could make the color combo you want.

I have changed the caps on my classics a lot like said before a very sharp knife is needed. Becareful when sticking the knife between the cap and body. After the knife is between the cap and body slowly rotate the cap and body with the knife and use a little bit of pressure to separate the two parts. Eventually the cap will pop out and can be pressed into the other body. If you are unsure on how to do this le le know and I’ll post some pictures of the process.

Apparently you can but I’ve never been able to do it

You can buy the caps and bodies by themselves at another store.

Specifically I was hoping to swap the WYYC version’s caps with a standard version’s. The wyyc one is dead smooth but the caps are too light, and the standard version one is vibey; by switching them I hoped I could get a smooth, playable yoyo with regular caps, and a vibey, light collectors item that I then wouldnt ever throw.

You can, just pry at the gap between the body and the caps with a thin yet very sturdy knife, such as a blade from a box cutter.

Yes, they are removeable, but it is a little more work than other caps (like FHZ caps).