Thick Cap won't come off!!! HELP!!!

So I have the 2013 wyyc special edition yoyo from when I went to worlds that year. It has the option to put in thick, plastic caps, with a very large diameter, but thin bearing in the cap. I chose to put them in and I have a problem. I got one of them out just fine with a suction cup, but I think I put the other one in incorrectly so it won’t come out. I tried super glueing a die to the cap and pulling with pliers with no luck. Does anyone know a way to remove the cap without damaging the yoyo? I don’t need the cap to look okay, because it’s already covered in super glue. Is there a way that works to cut it without damaging the yoyo? Thanks so much in advance.

Pic will help really… you didn’t even mention what yoyo and how it looks.

Poke a small hole in the cap and pry it out. A thumb tack works pretty well but if the caps are thick you may need to drill a small hole, just be careful not to go too far and drill into the yo-yo.