I have been working with wood lately trying to figure out how to make a nice take apart wood and every thing I try gets a extreme vibe and I was wondering if you guys know / has ideas of what will work

If you contact tmbr they may be able to give you some good tips. Also you could pm Ed he is a nice guy and has been throwing wood for a while.

Yeah I was going to ask Ed since we go to the same club


sides could be unevenly cut.

they are not because I use a caliper to measure the width and length

I don’t make yoyos but from what I’ve seen the axle/hub area is probably the most critical area regarding vibe and wobble. That is more than likely where your problem lies. It doesn’t take much being off center or misaligned to cause a problem.

Inconsistencies within each half is going to be your biggest problem. Halves that don’t quite match each other is a secondary problem: not as big of a deal, but it can exasperate other issues so it’s worth being careful.

The bearing seat is absolutely the most critical cut you will make. If you are cutting it yourself, you will need a metal lathe to get the accuracy needed. If you are using a spacer kit (such as YYF’s or Crucial’s) you could do it on a wood lathe, but again, you will have to be very careful to make sure it fits snugly and is level.

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I figured it out I just bought grease fittings and tapped the inner circle and they just screw in to the yoyo