Why does only half my yoyo vibe?

(Lochlan Reeder) #1

I’ve noticed that one of my yoyos vibes on one half more than the other. Is there a way I can fix it?


Does it have any scuffs or dings on that side? How are you testing the vibe?

(Former National 4A Champion) #3

From what I understand, vibe can come from a few things:

  • The halves are off-center (from manufacturing error).
  • The halves are not perfectly circular (from manufacturing error or through usage).
  • The axle holding the halves together is bent (through usage).
  • The bearing itself has vibration (from manufacturing error or through usage).

You may or may not be able to fix it. If the axle is bent, you could replace the axle. If the problem is in the body of the yoyo, there is little you can do. If the bearing is bad, try other ones.

Since you said that one half is vibrating more than the other, I would guess it’s in issue with the body, which makes me doubt that it would be fixable. A less than satisfactory solution is to damage the other half enough so that they both vibe the same amount.

(André Boulay) #4

Has it always been like this or just started happening? Visible vibration or just something you can ‘feel’?

What yo-yo is it?


Since they’re intimately connected how can you tell it’s only one half that vibes?