If you scratch,ding and hurt your yoyo?


Does it change the way the yoyo plays?


Depending on how bad the ding is it can cause vibe

It it doesn’t remove any material, or doesn’t break the finish it usually will have no effect
(There is a great stickied thread in the BST pertaining to the different types of damage)

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Dings are more likely to change the way a yoyo is played.


not really unless its a big chunk that has been smashed, but a little one should do no damage at all.

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no noticeable damage.


I still believe that vibe is caused more likely by deformation of the axle area which takes most of the force like the hinge of a lever, than by deformation of the round halves (into ellipses) themselves.

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That would make sense. To test it, you can just replace the axle with a brand new one.


I meant to include the bearing seat as well.


Regardless, vibe isn’t something terribly important in terms of how your yoyo plays.


yes it is more likely to mess up that way instead of unbalanced halves so you gotta make sure that is resolved first.

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No. If it still spins it still works.


I’m not sure we can go with that logic lol

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I mean vibe really doesnt affect anything besides grinds so if you aint into grinds vibe shouldnt be an object. I dont mind vibe and actually like my yos with a bit of snaz

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More accurately it’s the bearing seat instead of the axle, because what the axle do is only keeping both halves from falling apart, the axle can actually wiggle a bit… The actual part doing the job keeping the halves straight is the bearing seat that is compressed to the inner race of the bearing.
I knew this because I did fix my yoyos that has vibe by evening up (scraping and sanding) the bearing seat.
I personally think that little vibe doesn’t really matter if the yoyo was shipped with it, but when I get it dead smooth then someone dropped it and suddenly it has vibe, that’s a problem.


Vibe is the heart beat letting you know your throw has soul.