Messed up, entirely my fault popstar


Hi guys(or girls as they be)!

I wont give details, but my Pop star suffered in a recent purge of my mind, and it is messed up.
Still spins, but with a titanic level of vibe that obscures a clear view of my yoyo during play. As the pictures show, material on the rims has been displaced and distorted rather then scraped off.

What would be the best way, if any way exists, to tone down the vibe so its more pleasant to play with?

Thank you!


It’s a little bit hard to give you any advice if you don’t tell us how the yoyo got messed up in the first place. It could be a number of things.


I would start with trying to go through the basic tuning process on it. There are a lot of people who have asked on how to do that on here. Hopefully that can help a little. If that doesn’t work, we will have to come up with something else.


The yoyo got thrown while dead at a concrete sidewalk, impacting on both rims and displacing in, rather then scraping, two spots on the outer rim.


Sounds like it could be possible that the axle is bent, depending on how hard the Popstar was thrown. Could you try taking the axle out and rolling it on a flat surface? Does it roll smoothly or does it roll unevenly?


The axle rolls smoothly, but when I put the halfs on a flat table, they don’t sit flush with it(as in you can see airspace between the table and the yoyo half.) This is true for both sides.


That thing must have hit the ground pretty hard :stuck_out_tongue:

The vibe is almost certainly being caused by the uneven distribution of weight now that the halves are bent as such. Kind of a longhshot, but you could try taking a vice and clamping the Popstar halves onto a flat surface to try and flatten them out. It’s doubtful that fixes the vibe completely and you would need to be very careful not to damage the bearing seat but that’s the only thing I can think would even come close to fixing the vibe. Otherwise, you might be SOL my friend :-\


It is possible that one of the halve is bent. A friend of mine hit himself in the head with an 07 888 had to get stitches. And it bent the axle post. I’ve seen yoys with worse dings and they still play rather smooth.

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I don’t think it’s possible to fix unless you have access to a lathe (which if you do you probably already make a new one).
It happened to me before, I won’t give any details though…


I had a dodgeball hit my yomega dash a few years ago. It bend the axle pretty bad, but once that was replaced, the yoyo played fine.

Speaking of which, lots of players I know have yoyo stitches stories. I do too. Dedication has its price…