Seeking help with the new TMBR axle (solved!)

Hey guys, I’m a first-time poster around here but have lurked for several years. Been throwing since the late 90’s boom and prefer responsive play as a result. That said, I’ve got a question for you TMBR fans out there. I really enjoy my Lovejoy, Irving, Baldwin, and Fremont and recently added a Sullivan in purple heart. There’s also a '14 eh headed my way. Suffice to say, I’m a big TMBR fan. The new axle system is impressively crafted, but I’ve had problems with mine dethreading mid throw resulting in yoyo halves flying all over the place. I’ve tightened it as tightly and deeply as I could without breaking the axle to no avail. I’ve thought about putting some rubber cement in the threading but don’t want to lose the ability to take apart or adjust the gap. Has anyone else had issues with this or have any solutions?

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Yeah, that happens to me only when I bump it with someone. Normally I check to be sure I didn’t loosen it. I throw pretty hard and at times the yoyo till bump my leg or the carpet, then a throw or two later it splits. Hasn’t happened since I now check it really fast when I bump it.

Are you talking about the new axle like on the '14 eh? If so, I’d just rub some candle wax in the threads. That should hold it well enough for play I’d imagine.

A little Teflon tape never hurt anything, either.

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yikes is this a common problem with the new tmbrs?

Teflon tape or candle wax…fantastic ideas! Thanks for the replies. I hate to even bring up an issue, as I don’t want to dissuade anyone from backing TMBR. My Sullivan, as all my other TMBR throws, is a very fine example of craftsmanship.

Actually if there are others who can comment on this, I would appreciate it. This isn’t a witch hunt, but as someone who is considering buying the 2014 EH, this is a concern for me.

I haven’t played the 2014 EH, but my experience with my Sullivans and Moxons is that an impact can cause them to come apart. This happens because the halves can’t be tightened down as hard as a metal yoyo without risking the axle getting stuck. To be fair, I’ve had the same experience with yoyos that have adjustable gaps (OG Dark Magic, No Jive, Cherry Bomb, etc.) because the halves aren’t locked into place as tightly.

So far my 2014 Eh is staying together. I have not had any big hits with it yet though, and I have been checking it frequently. It seems to tighten down pretty well for me. This is only day 2, but for me even if i have to check it frequently its worth it for the performance.

Make sure the outer hub pieces are completely tightened, if they aren’t tightened all the way then the yo-yo can come apart easier. I found that a dime fits right into the slot and if you give it a good twist on each side it should stay together perfectly.

Thanks for the input, JRod, Lukas & Garrett. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Last year I didn’t pull the trigger on the Eh and I really regret it. I don’t want to let this one slip by.

Been playing the Sullivan with a few layers of teflon plumber’s tape in the axle threads, and it’s been completely solid. I’ve not had to tighten it once in several days. I surmise that the reason my Sullivan has been more prone to unscrewing, even tightened hard and the cap cranked down with a dime, is that it is purple heart and seems to have finer/smoother wood grain. There may be less friction to keep the axle in place, especially compared to the oak throws. I’ll be testing this hypothesis against my eh when it arrives tomorrow, though I’m inclined to teflon those threads too.

As a bonus, I can guarantee these TMBRs won’t be leaking anytime soon!

The outer hub pieces of my Eh14 is stuck, I tried to use the coin to take it out, but it didn’t work. How can I fix it? Any ideas?