TMBR Threaded Axles

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Do you prefer the wood thread axle system that TMBR yoyos have?

I think it’s pretty cool, mostly because I like the idea of a glueless yoyo and it adds a nice look, but I have had troubles with them falling apart on me a few times.

Do you people like it?


Honestly when I first saw them online I thought they seemed like just a novelty. Owning quite a few now I can say that I like them very much. The only problem I ever had was kind of the opposite of yours, I went to unscrew one and the axle actually twisted right in half. I realized too late that loosening the outer nuts first is critical in taking them apart. I think slightly tightening the outer nuts after you have the axle in place may solve your problem of them coming apart on you.

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Yeah, I twisted one apart as well.

I think it’s a really cool design. But I admit that I’m kind of gun-shy about taking them apart now.


I don’t have any, primarily because I’ve not had a good experience with other items with threaded wood parts. Usually I’ve found them to not tighten properly or if they did, they would break when trying to take them apart as mentioned above.

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As cool as the threaded system is, I’m a big fan of not-take apart wooden fixed axles. I like the solidarity of them and I really haven’t had any serious problems with impossible knots.

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I do tighten the caps, I found that it can come apart on occasion anyway. I think I even saw a video with ed using his eh with it flying apart on him.


Yes, I’ve been a big fan of BC yoyos and have not had problems removing the occasional knot. One advantage with a take apart yoyo as in Tom Kuhn is that you can adjust the gap a bit with paper shims to suit your style/string choice.


I love the TMBR threaded axle design. Easy to adjust the gap to match your string and swap between imperial and butterfly mode in an instant. As others have said, it’s important to start with the caps to take apart and the tighten the cap after you have your setup. I keep round key fob on my Yoyo tool for just that purpose.

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I tighten my caps with a dime, and as some of you may remember, even posted a tutorial for a simple mod where I strengthen the slot with super glue. Still, they come apart once in a while. The gap is not really adjustable, it only adjusts how far apart the halves are; not the string gap itself. If you adjust it in far enough to make a difference in the response, the halves come in contact with the string too much, IMO.

On the plus side, you can try different axle materials and even diameters on the same yoyo, or easily replace a bad one.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you could notice it coming loose, like you can with a No Jive, and tighten it back before an accident. But since there are so few turns, it creates a dangerous high-speed projectile when it fails! Makes me reluctant to play with it.

I’m sure some haven’t had any trouble, but that probably has a lot to do with the natural variations of wood; and also the effects of the environment, and changes of environment on wood. For instance, I figured out I definitely couldn’t carry my 2016 EH in my pocket. The changes in humidity and temperature, greatly increased the problem for me.

Personally, I wish I had the earlier version of the EH.

My favorite wood yoyo is the Legend Wing (until I get my Orphan, at least! :D), but I seem to be stock piling a lot of halves! I think I need a drill press, so I can replace their axles. Apparently I have a real knack for breaking wood axles. :-\


I remember you mentioning the fly apart problem before. It may be something in the variance of the wood. I have a Moxon in oak and a 2016? Eh in wenge. I bought a small batch of 416 axles in walnut. One axle didn’t play well and sits in a box now but the others have been great!

I’ve also noticed that keeping the Moxon in my pants pocket while on the coast causes it to stop responding so I often have to double wrap the axle until I get home where it’s less humid.

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Love the wood thread axles. The 2014 eH was my first with that axle, not I have a few eH’s, a few Sullivans and a Fremont. Took a little getting used to it, but I love them! Few years ago placed a big order with Colin, and got a bunch of extra axles for my TMBR’s, threaded and regular axles. Should have enough to last my entire playing life :slight_smile:


I prefer the one piece design. I’ve had my TMBR fall apart during play a few times.