TMBR Threaded axle stuck

I got an awesome, and I repeat, AWESOME TMBR Sullivan, I mean its amazing. I can do Magic Drop/Shockwave with ease and go into wrist mount and out of wrist mount with some spin still left on it. Stalls are cake, kickflip suicides though, I am terrible and have much work to do in that department. But here is the bad part. It took a tumble after the string popped and now the axle is stuck in one side of the yoyo and I have no idea how to get it out. That thing is seriously stuck. Anyone know of any solution to this problem? Any ideas would be greatly apreciated. Its still very usable but eventully I imagine ill need to change the axle and then Ill be up the creek so Id like to try and fix this now.

You can use a coin to unscrew the axle from the outside - just stick it in the ridge and twist counterclockwise. If you loosen that outside part of the axle, then the inner part of the axle will twist out easily. Good luck!

I ended up using a little adjustment key for a SB2 and that finally got it. Once that outside cap was off it came apart easily.

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