Ti5 by 3YO3: Bud's Review

The Ti5 just arrived. Its packaging - brilliant. Apocalypse proof. Wrought of steel. Opening requires a tool - a Phillips screwdriver, of which the good scientist was kind enough to include a black and yellow Stanley.

The Ti5 sang to me a greeting, as I helped it from its … vault.

I fast replaced the bearing with a ceramic Dif KonKave C - my favorite kind for like shaped throws.

I noted the Ti5’s engravings. No-nonsense. Suited to grace a NASA craft component.

I threw the Ti5, and it sang a frequency in the key of F. It cut through the air - through my longest combo. Twice. Acceerated through the end like a Jack Russel terrier, as if to say, “Again please?”

Snap binding! Perfect catch zone! Controlled by subtle in-play tweaking - even by a guy like me. Spintime long as all of those, once thought to be my finest throws.

I wish that I had two of these. I wish that I had three.



Man I wish these were more affordable :-\

Know how your longest lasting clothes, car tires, tools, etc., typically require a higher capital investment up front? I submit that this is the last yoyo you’ll ever need.

You make a good point. But know this: The Ti5 is well worth saving for. A man whose opinions I often share, and whose logic I admire, said the Ti5 would be a “game changer.” He said this in the design stages of the Ti5. His prediction has proven true.


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No point in saving for some thing that will be sold out by the time I get the money… No job

That packaging, man. Killer!

I am drooling. Literally. What’s the price tag on those?

This yoyo is no joke. I’ve thrown a ton of different yoyos and this one is special.

And I wish I had two as well…

A little over $300…

I am happy to say that I’m a proud owner of one of the eight Jason Wong anodized Ti5s. I own number VII, a rainbowflage version to be exact. The Eight anodized versions were numbered using Roman numerals while the standard versions received Arabic numbers.

This yoyo is loaded with perfection! As Bud stated already, the first thing you notice is packaging like a steel vault… no need for extra wrapping, just stick it in a priority box and mail it out and hope that it doesn’t beat up other packages on its journey. Also included is an extraction device, a phillips screwdriver,(nice idea Becca). On the back of the steel box is a patch of sandpaper intended as a surface on which you can “spark” this fine piece of work, (are you freakin’ crazy Landon!?).

The Ti5 is so smooooooooooooooooth! And Bud, I agree, while it spins forever, you may want to have your Ti5 “tuned.” Mine rings with a perfectly tuned F note when flicked sharply with an index finger while spinning at the end of the string. Like I said, the Ti5 is full of perfection. :slight_smile:

Buy a Ti5!

It’s great that everyone so enjoys this throw as much as I. Hey, Jason - serious compliments for the anodize masterpiece you created on Doug’s Ti5!


He was joking haha. Mine rings @ exactly 303 Hertz. ok maybe not. LOL

A yoyo’s accoustics (eg, its ping frequency) could provide a basis for naming the throw.

uhh… Somewhere I thought I read that yours rang in B flat… I just can’t remember where Bud. :wink:

Haha ya you’re right! That’d take the time out of naming it, & also make guessing where the name came from hard, unless you really knew!

Thanks Bud!


are these available for purchase ? Jason didn’t you make quite a few anodized ones?

I anodized eight for Landon. Not quite sure how people have been scoring them… I think you need to be on a super secret 3yo3 list or something. :stuck_out_tongue:




I designed the sticker on the packaging based on a photo taken by Landon. Happy to see photos of it posted, it looks great.

As for the Ti5… it’s good. I mean, really good. Even though it’s a full-size yoyo, it has the best characteristics of under-size yoyos. By that, I mean it’s very agile, nimble and responsive. It just does what you ask without having to tell it a second time. This is due, I hypothesize, to the outer rim of the yoyo being thinner than normal and some of the weight being placed mid-way in the cup. Take a look at pics of the cup and you’ll see what I mean. The bulk of the weight is in the same width and diameter range of an undersize yoyo, while the rims give the Ti5 the catch zone and stability of a larger yoyo.

It’s truly unique and a treat to play. Plus it just looks classy and it’s an impressive addition to any collection. Thank you Landon! You nailed this hard!

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A few more photos:

I had wondered who had snagged #2 so early.  I should’ve suspected!  Great yo-yo w/ unique packaging.

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This is, unfortunately, the best “review” of the T5 up here.
There are currently 2 “reviews” of the T5 - and both are amazingly un-helpful.

"I threw the Ti5, and it sang a frequency in the key of F. It cut through the air - through my longest combo. Twice. Acceerated through the end like a Jack Russel terrier, as if to say, “Again please?” "

OK, so how is this helpful? It might sound cool - but what information is being delivered?
How does the yoyo play on the throw? How does it play in the air? On the string? Does it feel heavy? How is the weight distributed? Comparisons???

The saddest part is that this is the only sentence that actually described the play of the yoyo. Everything else is describing the packaging and how you had to switch out the bearing.

Since you are one of the few people that has had a chance to throw this, I would have liked to have seen a more informative review.