I ramble, that’s how i write, stream of consciousness, not gonna organize everything like some. If you don’t like it sorry. :confused:

Gonna start with the cons:

Packaging is iffy. Really not a fan, i get what Landon was trying to do, but just didn’t work imo. Electrical box is kinda dirty(this is just the way they’re sold afaik), inside holder is slightly awkward and looks thrown together, having to unscrew it was weird, i dunno, i know some people thought it was clever, personally i didn’t. For far less effort he could have just tossed it in a soft velvet pouch and put it inside a nice cardboard box and i think it would have been far better. Other issue is the Ti5 itself was kinda dirty. Had weird residue on it, at first i was terrified it was scratched, but after a quick wipe down it sparkles and looks super classy. Only yoyo i’ve ever had to wipe down new from the manufacturer, for the price i don’t think that should be necessary… I guess my issue is that they went the sort of industrial packaging, rough around the edges route, when i think they should have done the exact opposite. They should have polished it perfectly, even if it took a bit of extra time, put it in some fancy packaging, dark red velvet, gold accents, packaging fit for a king, just made it feel like one of the most expensive yoyos ever made.

Other issue was the bearing, pretty sure it’s just a regular OD 10-ball, but goodness was it loud, seriously deafening, i’ve always found ten balls loud after a while, but i feel like one quick test throw would have revealed that the bearing wasn’t up to par for a throw like this. Quickly popped in a Twisted Trifecta and all was well in the world.

Best yoyo i’ve ever played.
Really as simple as that. Here are some of the favorite yoyos i’ve owned just for comparison: Ti Walker, Sleipnir, Messiah, Dreadnought, Skywalker, Positron, Maxbet, Stargazer v2, Berserker, Overdrive, Clash 2010, multiple Chiefs, Arctic Circle, 15+ One Drops, 5+ Avalanches, and over 50 more.

This is by far my favorite ever, 5 seconds into the first throw even with the deafening bearing i knew it was magical. Someone in another review said it played heavier than its weight, but nah, i think it plays right at its weight(64.55g), light and floaty but in an amazing way. Usually i like throws 55mm+, but i think that’s only because of the momentum the bigger throws generate, the Ti5’s size feels so perfect. Others, including me, have been critical of early Ti5 reviews for not being descriptive enough or comparative enough, but now i totally get why, there’s no words to quite describe it, the usual words just don’t work. Yeah it’s floaty(a meaningless word anyway), but not in a normal way, because it’s floaty but also really fast, but also a mid-size that you don’t normally associate with speed or float, so it feels totally alien.

As far as the shape goes it’s just perfect. Super aggressive competition-style shape that’s so popular, but also ridiculously comfortable to hold. Looks like it’d be awkward, but fits the hand great, really easy to throw straight, smooth, and stable, so stable. Speaking of smoothness the Ti5 is just amazing, i’ve owned lots of General Yos and others that are the gold standard of smoothness and the Ti5 bests them all. It also spins for what feels like forever. Despite not being massively rim-weighted like so many throws these days the power of the spin is just remarkable, goes and goes, i’m far too impatient to time it, and even then there’s too many variables for me to ever take those times into consideration much, but i would be curious to know how much longer it would spin for compared to other performance yoyos.

In another thread Bud said “this is the last yoyo you’ll ever need” and others have said similar things, when i first read these comments i laughed because you hear this at least once every few months about some great throw coming out that has perfected yoyo design and will cure all desire to buy every new release. Gotta say though i think the Ti5 might have just done exactly that for me. Had my eye on a few other throws, and yet suddenly they mean nothing to me. For the first time since i started throwing i have no desire to add a single yoyo to my collection, and it feels amazing. Pressing the “buy” button on the Ti5 was terrifying, but i can safely say it was the best decision i’ve made in this hobby.

Yeah the Ti5 is expensive, ridiculously so, but is it really? Back-of-the-napkin math shows that i’ve lost roughly $1k buying, selling, and trading yoyos on the B/S/T in the last ~13 months, a reasonable cost for all of the throws i’ve experienced and fun i’ve had imo, but still money gone. I’ve spent over $350 on the USPS for shipping costs alone in the last year. So yeah the Ti5 looks expensive compared to other individual throws, but i promise you no $100 throw will ever make you stop looking at other $100 throws, you’ll never stop hunting that perfect yoyo, you’ll buy, sell, and trade and it will never end. You’ll lose $10 here, $20 there, $5 for shipping time and time again, and every yoyo you acquire in the back of your mind you’ll be wondering “how much can i get for this on the B/S/T when i decide to get rid of it.” If you love that feeling and the B/S/T games, if you love the feeling of throwing something new every few days, then by all means have at it, but if you’re tired of dealing with the immaturity on there, late shippers, non-responders, people backing out of deals, mint throws that have kissed concrete, smashed boxes from being shipped in envelopes, if you’re growing weary of that, then consider a Ti5. The most expensive yoyo currently available might just turn out to be the cheapest.


Nice review, I got it yesterday and was shocked too.

At first, when I saw the pictures of the boxing, I was amazed: god, it looks great!

When got the package, my thoughts changed. The metal box looks cheap, seems to be a little beat and dirty, and weights like 500 grams or more (should be a headache for the stores to ship it). Also, inside there is a wooden “thingy” cut by hand with no glamour at all. My Ti5 was also dirty, but I didnt spend time polishing or cleaning it because I was not able to put it down yet.

And yes, I own more than 120 metals, including many of the ones you wrote about: ti walker, skywalker, sleipnir, chief, avalanche, sasquatch, berserker, aurora, etc. That is why I was so surprised. Maybe not because it plays better than some others, just because it plays totally different than my experience would make me think.

I was in love at first with the grind machine 2, then the sleipnir, then ti walker, then code1, then zeus… it was neverending. Suddenly the berserker took the 1st place, even when many people dont like it… it plays perfect for me.

But when I threw the ti5 and made some tricks, I noticed it is zippy fast but when you pop it, floats in the air. It plays agile like an undersized but always lands in the right place like the huge profile full size yoyos. I think you explain it quite well in the review.

I still have to play it more. I don’t feel it is the longest spinner or the most stable yoyo, but the overall is great and finally found a different playing yoyo.

About the price… I don’t know if it is cheap or expensive, and it depends on a lot of things. At least it is titanium. Outta there we can find many 200$ “just” alluminium yoyos, and some of them are the exact same design in different sizes. Titanium is expensive, and if you want to pay for it, for me is ok.

So if I have to sell 3 or 4 yoyos to buy this one, I don’t mind. I have so many, and most of them play more or less the same or are part of a 1000 pieces production run. Ti5 makes a difference, I’m really happy I own it.


Nice review!

Looks like another case of “I’ve designed a really really really good yoyo, but kinda failed on the packaging”. haha. That’s my best packaging to date!

Glad you’re seriously enjoying it this much!


Nathan didn’t say the Electrical box was ‘re-volting’ or anything like that. After reading his review; I am more Amp’d up about getting a Charge out of the yoyo itself. That is my Current thought, anyways.

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nice pun :wink: and great review BTW, if only i had the cash, i would bust it on this thang!

after some more days playing it, i must admit i’m in love with this thing.

Love this review;)

How much did it cost? Does the AL5 have the same feel?

I’m not really one for ‘Ohh the materials feel so different…’ but in this case the throws do not feel the same. That being said, the Al5 is one of the most ludicrously under-rated throws. It is hugely enjoyable. And in my humble opinion the Ti5 packaging prods buttock.


nice bump :wink:

That finish you may have had to run off could be there for a reason. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I bought something metal and it came with something similar to what you were saying on it. It is to protect the metal during shipping. They do send them to every country and then those people ship them to the buyers. I would want the protection. That way it is perfect when you get it. Any deterioration after that is your responsibility by keeping it clean and in a good environment.