Who is dropping $345 on the new 3yo3 TI5 ?

the TI5 looks amazing …plus the packaging looks ridiculous, and it comes with a tool…

Me! lol



Wait… :wink:

haha. down to 10 already-- who’s one of the lucky ones??

this is the reason you should get a titanium … thanks for the link Landon!!

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Woah. That’s pretty cool.

I wish I could get one but I don’t have the money.

Just picked one up. That is a lot of money, but it’s my ideal size and weight specs almost down to a T…so if I’m gonna try Ti, might as well be this.

May have to sell one or two of the Glacier, Cascade, AC, and Gleipnir I just bought. Too many yoyos coming out!

I know! So many amazing yoyos coming out so fast! I wish I could get them all.

And the TI5 looks amazing.

a yoyo that is wide, all catch zone, long spinning, high-performance, and makes things light on fire…

i don’t have da moneeeey!!!


Dat der is innovation.

Landon is making a killing! :smiley:
Anyways, I wish you the best success with your new throw! I can never afford it but I know lots of others can :]

Looks amazing. Thinking about it.

Got mine in today. First impressions:

-The electrical box package actually appears to have been used as an electrical box for quite some time. It’s banged up and corroded. It doesn’t bother me and I’m guessing it’s a stylistic choice, just not what I would have expected. Interesting.

-The yoyo was filthy. Almost like it was pulled off the lathe and lubricant and dirt had just dried on it. Really freaked me out at first. It looked like it was scratched and destroyed. But, after a thorough rub down with water it cleaned up nicely. No condition issues I can spot. Just odd, again.

-Plays great. Stable as an 8 legged chair. But it’s also incredibly light and fast, like a light version Phenom or something. Getting both that heavy throw stability and light, airy speed is weird. You expect it to tilt or the spin to slow, but that doesn’t happen.

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a good ti throw for a while. I got the chance to play a tiwalker at a meet up a while back and I fell in love with it. But alas, I has no moneys. :frowning:
might sell some stuff to pick one up. or if anyone gets one and wants to trade it for some throws… :slight_smile:

Nope, bought them new! You’re looking at rushed galvanization