Throws that you bought but never really liked

Posts your throws that you never really hit it off with maybe with an explanation of why.

I have two that I bought but was dissatisfied with. Both have been traded at this point.

YYJ H3X, IDK it never really connected with me.

MFD Gelada: It made me feel weird while throwing and I couldn’t stand it no matter how much I lied to my self. At least my friend likes it.

Although I recognized how great it was, my clyw gnarwal just never clicked with me.

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YYF Speed Dial, Duncan FH2 (older model).

for me… the DM2, i really don´t like it.

Loop 360’s…

They just felt cheap…

The Gnarwhal and Cascade never really did it for me. Other people love them, so different strokes I guess. :-\

I read somewhere that they are great for the true beginner…would you agree, or not?

I traded for a long time just to get up to an arctic circle, but in the end I liked some of the throws I traded better than it

Didn’t really click with the Chief.


I bought a PSG to try it out. It is good for a $12 yoyo but after throwing my Shutter and Genesis all day, it felt kind of cheap. I like it now, after getting used to it, but at first, I didn’t really like it.

I know I’m going to get some hate for this but I don’t like the rally. Idk what it it but it just doesn’t feel right for me. Another one is my yyj inspire. By far thaw worst yoyo I own. I can’t find anything I like about it

Arctic circle. Compared to the puffin and chief, it played a bit too heavy/solid for my taste. Traded for evil-yo. :slight_smile:

I don’t like my dm2 very much. I use it as my someone who has never thrown wants to throw yoyo. I keep the slim bearing in.

YYF One… i know it’s the base, cheap model but the lady at Air Traffic recommended it and i wish she hadn’t. i think i would have been much happier with a YYJ Classic or Lyn Fury as my beginner yoyo.

glad i went back later that night and bought a Shutter or i probably would have never enjoyed yoyoing like i do now.

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OneDrop Cascade.
CLYW Arctic Circle.

The Cascade. I’ve tried it with every side effect around, and it just doesn’t click with me. I’ll never get rid of it, it was a gift from my wife, but its never that first yoyo that I reach for. I’ll pick it up once in a while to see if my feelings about it have changed, but they never seem to.

First run Sasquatch’s.
Later runs were amazing, unfortunately missed out on those.

I agree, I don’t hate it, but now that I’ve found the GenYo ministar and the token it’s my least favorite of what I own and honestly I have thrown it in some time.

It was one of my first 5 yoyos but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.


Wow another I find myself agreeing with heavily.

I bought a pair for my kids and they really suck for responsive play (for a beginner I feel it’s too small and there wasn’t enough lube in a bottle to keep it playable for my kids or me when I gave it a go) and the wider bearing for unresponsive play made it feel wobbly. So we scrapped them and went with the YYJ classics also.