Throwing when cold: Plastic or metal?

OK, there’s been a cold snap where I live. Last week it was like low 50’s to high 40’s for the lows. This week, it’s below freezing. Where I live, this is VERY unusual. I for for some of you, the low temps are not such a big deal. Excuse my whining.

Anyhow, I’ve mostly stopped throwing outside, especially in the morning. But, I’ve noticed that plastic yoyos seem to warm up faster than metal yoyos. This is not scientific or even measured, it’s just observational. Metal seems to hit my cold fingers and hand harder. Plastic doesn’t feel quite the same way.

On the morning walk, it’s plastic, most since I’m using loopers. In the afternoon, metals are more tolerated.

When it’s cold for you and you’re slowing outside, do you have a preference for metal or plastic?

Gloves aren’t an option. I don’t have any gloves thin enough to maintain feeling in my fingers for the yoyo, but the warmth does mean my fingers to maintain feeling from not being cold.

Outside? usually I throw plastic, with a plastic-y string.
To combat the wind :slight_smile:


Plastic always does not hurt the hands.

this would not by chance be texas right??

lol its snowing/icy here for the first time this year … literally 70 degrees two days ago

I’ve never thrown in the cold before but here in Florida where it is 80 degrees in December I have to wear a glove because if I don’t the string sticks to me because of the humidity lol

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The only times I throw out side is when Im making a yoyo vid so I throw a high end metal Until my hands are so numb that I cant throw no more

Plastic all the way. It’s less conductive than metal, so it’s always going to be better in the cold.

Specifically - the Yeti. Seriously. Has there ever been a better cold weather yoyo–errr…return-top?

I’ve been taking yetis outside but it’s around 5°f here recently.
Can’t really throw the metals outside, they freeze after one throw and your fingers go numb.

Yeah, it’s not easy in the cold. A few moments in sub-freezing weather and metal is painful as heck to catch.

Gotta love the Rally!

I just keep two metals and switch every few throws, it keeps my hands warm since they warm up in my pockets.

(Hit 18 last night)

It’s been about 30 degrees here and I’ve been using my care racer and token. But I would prefer a plastic. After a while to metals just hurt my hands to bad.

It is not Texas. It’s Sacramento, California.

I have heard of other areas experiencing unexpected cold as well though.

I’ll say plastic is hurting less.

That’s what I’ve been throwing lately.

I haven’t strung up my Yeti, but I see where you’er going with that!

  • 35 c here, I think that works out to -31 f
    Plastics all the way in the cold, metals hurt really bad when it’s cold.

In Texas here it went from 77f to 22f overnight with ice and snow. Trying to throw outside with metal stings like nobody’s business.

Good thing I got my yeti yesterday;)

Lol metal all day ftw. It’s gotten well below 0 here.

I don’t play outside that often in the winter, but plastic has to be better for that because of how fast even a warm metal gets cold. Inside however nothing beats a nice warm metal from in your pocket in the winter.

This is my first winter throwing yoyos, so I am learning, indoors no big all of them, but outdoors I’ve learned to bring a plastic along. ouch!

Metals absorb the heat out of your hand. Receptors in your hand(skin) take this as a drop in temp. Making it feel colder than it is. Metals are also great conductors.

Plastics do not do this[as well].

Therefor, plastics are “easier” to use in the cold.

It hit 1 degree a couple days ago! I tend to use plastic when cold.