Throw Down String!

I have been playing with this idea in my head for a couple of week now, and I have finally decided to put it on the forums to see if it takes. Anybody here watch Food Network?.. Thought so. Anyways if you do then you know that the show “Throw Down” involves Bobby Flay taking on the best of the best in cookin in there field of expertise. I wanna do something similar, but with string. I want to put my best strings up against the best in forums. Want in on the challenge or to be a possible judge. Either PM me, or leave a message on this thread. I personally want judges who have never tried my string, or the challengers string either. So if haven’t tried home made string and would like to see what all the hype is about try out. Want to prove your the best string maker… WELL. Better than me. Challenge me on the forum. Oh and if your going to be a judge I expect a quality review on both the competitors strings. Like Three paragraphs a piece LOTS of INFO. Much thanks, and I hope this takes. Personally I have a few I hope to have challenge me. MWAHAHAHAHA!

If you’d like a judge, I’d be more than willing to help out here.

If you’d want, I’d do it. I’ve only written one review on string, which was C3uddha’s (back then Calibuddha) string. if you look it up, it’s in depth

Sounds like a amazing idea we should try and get everyone in on this even from other forums if we can.


Seriously no takers!

Chance to show off, and nothing from any string makers. REALLY! REALLY!

Okay question to all the Judges. Would it be rude if I were to challenge somebody who I think is good enough for this challenge? Probably beat me anyways.

well i really wanna be judje i have never tried hommade string and welll eally wanna!!! I will try to do 4-5 paragraphs for each string and tell many details and also do pros cons lisrt :wink: ;D

I might compete but I would need to practice some and I need to know how many strings to make.
P.S. I’m not very good when it comes to making string… =\

Dude at least it’s a throw down. If you like we can establish some rules to simplify the competition. Say all Polyester only open to any play style and advice can be given on how to best enjoy the string.

Does look count for any points? Because all I have right now is white poly if it does I’m going to experiment with dyes…

It would be up to the judges as far as looks go. Personally if you got the whole dye thing to work I’d be interested in seeing what that does to string. Most folkes just get predyed thread.

Yeah I thought it would be cool too. I would like to try some tie dye stuff…

heck i’ll challenge you, but i’m gonna need some time to finish my format,

I’d say set a few parameters.

All Poly
Open Play Style
35-45" Length

Something along those lines. And make enough strings to accommodate each judge w/ 2 to allow at least a day of play.

Agreed Halbach, 100% poly only to start with. Then after we establish who makes the better poly (which is gonna be personal preference) we can start reviewing the crazy blends and what not. I would be interested in testing some strings. I also live in Louisiana so I could give an accurate depiction of how the strings play in 99% humidity, which is very very important to me.

I was thinking of doing it as
3 Strings
Open play style
Size is a judgeable component so 35-45 is most likely recomended, but longer or shorter would not be diqualified.
But I think the major dispute is the all poly rule I was leaving it as chuck what ever you want in, but I would apply all poly only for cases where string construction is all that the competitor wants to have compared.

PM me with challenges so I can keep these in order
Trace your first if you want to be, otherwise you can format, and get set up for a later challenge if you like.

I’m going on a month long road trip tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll go first… But I think I will contribute.

that works too. I just figured poly was the most commonly used :wink:

Dang it’s been a while I’m really rusty at this. I got five strings done and I’m going back out until I have at least ten. So how many strings will we need anyways?

Just 3 for the judge.
Then I am offering a review if you like. I would just need two if you want me to offer personal feed back and any positive notes would be put up in the review section.