Throw Down String!

Double posting is naughty I know, but I gotta put this up on here too

Okay so for possible challenges I am looking at First three challenges from YYN!
Yoyomad8 (1st)
Titanium221 (2nd)
giovinolo (3rd) (Requested)
Trace (4th) [Order subject to change depending on Requests]
(Hubstacker (5th)
Gizzyo (6th)

With Possible Judges to be decided in order of contestants.
EDIT 5/26/11

Ten strings completed I have not cut them short and they need slip knots but they’re twisted. Should I cut them or would you guys like to cut them yourselves?

Personally I’d say keep em normal like you would ship em to a buyer. If you would normally cut then cut. If you leave it to them to tie then leave it be.

I might get in this. Be prepared…

The thing is I have never given strings away or sold them so I’m open to advice I only have made strings for myself…

^ I have had some people say they enjoyed that I pretied my string, and some people haven said they disliked it. Honestly I’ve had more negative than positive so I guess more people tend to prefer just the little know at the top. If you do that make sure it is a little longer for whoever gets it.

I thought I would put up a judge list to save time.
People who volunteered from the Nation (on YYN)
2pointyo(possibly used)
People who volunteered from YYE
Preinfalk (possibly used)
Dingo54(first challenge)

The judges may be on both forums, but I thought I would place where they volunteered from just in case they aren’t.

There you go challengers you can start pondering who you want to Judge. I bet I know who one of you wants… ;D


Got my first YYE contest going BOO YAH

I’m uh get to it I just want to dye some strings…

hey, can we have multiple formats?

Dont you … me ;D JK man hows the string coming

Yeah if you want to do that I enjoy doing different formats

for a possible parameter for the judging of the strings… i say the strings from both competitors needs to be used in the same:
1 style
2 combo
3 and length of time
and things i tend to look for are how quickly they break in, how well they hold loops and tension.

i would gladly test any and all strings if wanted. i am exceedingly unbiased (in case you were wondering) :wink:

I love that show with Bobby Flay, He actually came to Burlington Vermont(which is where I live) and went up against one of my Favorite Family owned Italian Restaurant called Bove’s. I think the Battle was for their Meatballs and Pasta or their Lasagna, It was a great show and I believe Bobby won. They filmed it at our Local College UVM (University of Vermont) in the Culinary Dept. and my Step Dad was one of the Testers of the Meals only because at the time he was a Cook for the Davidson Center which is like a mini Mall (for Books, UVM Clothing, Food and Even Bikes), Food Court, Classes, Computer Hub/Lab. Anyway it was cool, But on to the Challenge. I really liked the Idea so I contacted Buddy Jim and he told me to pick a judge, let him know then mail my String. So for my Judge I picked Q and mailed him a 5pk of my String that I have only been making for like 6-7 months. Also sent Buddy Jim a 5pk of the same String so he knows what I sent for the challenge. I sent them 2 of my 100% Poly, 2 of my… well I call it Polyon which is 50% Poly and 50% Rayon ergo Polyon and last but not least 1 of my Glow In The Dark String or what I like to call mine GIT Ds (short or abbv. for Get These). This is also the 1st time anyone other than me has tried my String so I hope it does good. I only started making my String Because the YYE Bundled Poly I got just wasn’t Whippy enough and was giving me trouble with learning the Bret Stole or Hidemassa Hook or any other whip or slack Tricks, but right after I researched more on Making Yo Yo String. I came up with my own String Making Rig and started testing different types of strings and different types of wraps/twists and came up with what I use now and I have to say… That when I put my 1st good Poly String on I got a little gitty only cause I know I made this String and it might or might not work. But after my 3rd or 4th try I landed my very 1st Hidemassa Hook and let me tell you I was pretty excited, so much so my Wife started laughing at me because I was doing that umm… Take That Dance the one where your rocking your hips Back and Forth with your hands pointing at you groin saying Take that you… lol. I couldn’t think of a better way to explain it lol. But thats when I decided to start making my own String, although I would like to try some G String or Ham String or one of them other types other then that bulk Poly. I Just hope my String is good enough for other people to want it, We’ll see. :-\