First String!!!


I just made my own string for the first time! :smiley:

The first time:

I accidently made too many loops. :frowning:

Second time:

Didn’t twist enough,doesnt look too bad in pic alot worse in person. :’(

Third time:

I win! I got it!!! ;D


Need some testers?


ya pm me & i’ll send ya a couple, i’ve only got 100% poly at the moment though just used the thread i had lyin around


It would be an honor to test your string

shooting over a pm


will you send them to me for free and i review them? or do i pay 4 it?


Ill send it 4 free


In my experience, adding another layer or sometimes two, depending on your material and spinning it a bit tighter will yield better string

Keep up the food work!


The food work?


ive triied to make string but simpley never get it, could you please make a tutorial on how you made it.


you still need testers for it? I’d be glad to. :slight_smile: