Black Yo-Yo String, Work For You?

I just ordered a bunch of black yo-yo string. I like black, but I know it might be difficult to see at first. I know someone out there is using it, because it is offered. I am curious if anyone has tried this color, and prefers it, and if so, why? Also, if anyone made more progress by using black then switching to a bright color and discovered their accuracy improved as a result (better trained eye). Further, I am interested if it helps or hurts on stage competing. Will judges need to see the string better, and is black the wrong color for competition in your opinion? Thanks.

Thats why i gave all my darks in the donation. Lol. I found using darker colors made it hard to see and i was missing a lot of tricks. Ive tried dead black once and threw it away after a few min. It hurt my eyes trying to look at it while moving. I do know some others like it but for me it devastating to my performance and abilities. Let us know how it works out for you.

Yeah, a black string came with my Dark Sonic. Especially at night, it was just really hard to see. However I found that when yoyoing over my white carpet, it actually easier to see. But all in all I found that I like yellow string more. And I couldn’t see any real difference in my accuracy after training. For competing, I highly suggest using light color string, since the background is almost always black.

Black is horrible for competition, judges has huge problems seeing it and simply will not give you points you should get. Also most conetst is on black podium and black string is there invisible.

I use some black cotton strings in my TMBR, it works there just fine. But in other throws, it is horrible. I ordered some Red/black Chaos strings, now just sitting useless.

My experience mirrors that of Ghost & Kei. Tried it, didn’t like it so much. All my string now is like neon colors and I still have a hard keeping my eye sharp and landing well. Don’t need the extra aggravation and challenge dark string provides. I really do like the look of it though. I have an older black FHZ and I keep a black string in it just because I think it looks cool.

I use a red/black/white twist in a lot of my throws.

To each 'is own.

I see what you mean :smiley: I bought a pack of 100 black, so I will have a lot if it does not work. I’m determined to make it work though, so I bought so much to be sure I commit to it. I want to use it for at least 30 days straight, then go back to a light color real quick to see the difference. But, it may not be totally clear if I improved due to the color of the string or 30 more days of practice. I will let you know how it goes. Anyone ever see someone on stage with black? Will the judges frown on black or the opposite?

Well, it sounds like this will be an interesting experience. I don’t compete, but I will at some point, so just curious. Makes sense that a judge can’t credit what they can’t see. If this is a total fail, I’ll try blue next, but the look of the black is best in my opinion. I saw some YYE color string, red and black with white mixed. The white mixed in may solve the problem and make it easier to see. I could also do black/white mix for the best of both worlds.

You prefer YYE colors. The white mixed in makes it easier to see. I may yo-yo outside with black in natural light while the weather is still nice. Then, I’ll take it inside and see how it is. I keep my strings so long, they are approaching black anyway. I never had one break though. I was previously using green, because someone gave me a ton.

I’ve tried black string, I’ve never really liked it. I just like poppy colors. Like neon green, orange, or pink.

I like your idea about the getting better accuracy. I think it might work.

Hope it goes well!

I’m not a fan of dark colored strings. Why? It’s not a quality issue, it’s a matter of the higher visibility of brighter string helps me in landing tricks.

What’s kind of funny is a friend and myself will often try to find the best looking color to either match or contrast on a yoyo. He recently got a lemon Glacier Express and so he asked for a yellow String Labs string to go on it, which I must say is a good looking and good playing combination. I’m normally pretty happy with YYE 100% neon green string, regardless of yoyo color.

I’d say if you’re playing or practicing in a direction where you’re against a light foreground, black is gonna be OK.

Hey, she’s committed herself to 100 strings here. Better start with some encouraging remarks…

Oh yeah, black looks real sharp with some high end metal colorways.

Judges love black string. It’s easier on the eyes after seeing so much neon.

My black string has really improved my accuracy. Right down the center of the gap every time with black string.

(The preceding were total fabrications for the benefit of minimizing your buyers remorse.)

OK. I’m gonna get some black string to go with my Musket Chief, and then I’ll wear a black T-shirt with black gloves when on stage, so that way I can blend into the black background.

(Just kidding, I ain’t ever going to compete…)


Now that’s what I want to hear! I’m committed though, so for the next 30 days I’m stuck with it. If they keep manufacturing that stuff, someone has to be using it. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Tell us what you enjoy about it. (crickets)

Just because someone makes it doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Sometimes products have to see the light of day to see really what consumer response will be. Lots of good ideas die in committee. Lots of bad ideas hit the market. One can never be 100% certain what the marketplace wants.

A few concepts I didn’t like:

MiniDisc vs. DCC(Digital Compact Cassette) vs DAT. DAT was and still is a pro format(that’s fallen out of favor), and MiniDisc and DCC were kind of pro-level consumer oriented formats. DCC died a horrible death in the consumer marketplace over the many advantages of the MiniDisc and the intelligent compression algorithm. DCC had backwards compatibility with regular cassettes so it had potential for more wide-spread market acceptance, even in an era were CD sales were killing tape, but CDR technology wasn’t yet realistically affordable for consumers. MiniDisc won by a decisive landslide. I was behind the MiniDisc platform due to enhanced options as well as data potential.

Another horrible example was the travesty of the BluRay vs HD DVD. We all know how that turned out. It’s horrible to do a test of the marketplace at the EXPENSE of consumers. Many people who bought into the HD-DVD market are simply out money, and when their equipment fails, they can expect to see ZERO support. But, they can most likely get BluRay versions of their movies when they are forced to replace stuff. Not to say I like winners, but I was also on the BluRay camp. Why? More potential for the platform as well as higher data capacity and faster access speeds. Once Disney jumped on the BluRay platform, the death blow was landed for HD DVD.

The yoyo world hasn’t been a lot better, but they’ve done it a lot smaller and not so abusively. If something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. Yes, consumers may be screwed but the odds are it can be re-sold or traded to someone who will like it.

i frequently use black string. I’ve never had any problems. people ask me all the time how i can see the string. answer is, i see it just fine. black string is actually very nice if the floor is a light color.

I really like black string to use in place of tie wraps when I am bagging Trash. < It is pretty strong and keeps the garbage from busting out of the bags. But my favorite thing to do with Black strings is throw it in the Trash. I have been around yoing for 15 years now. Years ago Duncan used to use black string as the stock string on some of their yoyos. I just couldn’t wait to open the packages and throw the black string away. There is pretty much Zero advantage to using black yoyo string.

One good thing is if you have a glow yoyo and a black light. Use a black string on your yoyo and it really makes the yoyo Pop(if that is what effect you are looking for)(Like in a room and you are giving a cool demo for kids and such).

If anybody tells you there are actually advantages to ‘black string’; even if they are Forum Experts; they are either lying or just not telling the truth. Or not being quite honest. Or kidding you. Or just plain Ka-razy. Or all of the above.

Black string may make a fashion statement of sorts. But other than that and the black light thing; forget about black string.

Not very encourgaging, but why misrepresent reality. < I will buy you some string in exchange for one of your yoyo holders you still have sitting around… a shortish one. And then you can give that black string away or throw it away.

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That was a glowing review of black string :D. I want to do the black light thing, so I have that on the agenda too. I have a few of the YYF glow in the dark throws, so I plan to give that a shot. I see a trend here, blackmail, black cat (bad luck), Black sheep, black market, black list,…black yo-yo string :-. Well, the string is in the mail, so I shall make friends with it for now.

You sir, have given me hope. :wink:

Black string is nice specifically because it’s hard to see. Play with it with a black shirt on and it let’s you more easily ignore string formations and focus on the movement of the yoyo itself. It’s a nice change, from time to time, and can let you develop tricks that focus primarily on direction changes/movements around your body as opposed to string origami.