Why isn't there black polyester string?

I’m getting an all black cafe racer, and I’m like oh, it’d be sick to have an all black setup with black string and throw. But nope!! There is not one company out there that makes black polyester string. i don’t know why? If anyone could find out or knows of any black string, you should say something because THERE’S NOTHING. :o

Allot of companies make black string. I know Chaos string makes black polyester string… Idk if its in stock but i remember seeing it. You can Email YYE and see if they can send you some when they get stocked up or to see if they have any not listed yet. But do you really want a black yoyo with black strings? white or gray would look great too. Colored tho… not so much.

Apparently nobody wants it, or someone would make it.

I got some great news for you. Kitty String makes Black string. Looks great on red yoyos.

Hmm, black string on a black yoyo. What could be better against a mostly black background while wearing a black yoyo company T-shirt. Yeah, that’s gonna score them technical points!

I have some black string. Terrible. Looks really cool on certain throws but also can be very difficult to see in the middle of a combo when you’re playing fast.

Black string is just horrible if you like your visual cues. It’s always better to have bright yoyo string so you can see the string no matter where you go.
I bought blue string once and I couldn’t see a thing at times…same with black.

My Hitman Pro came with a Black Poly. It held tension terribly though.

Lime green, as always, goes on black…

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White string has more pop! A lot of people wear black clothing, so white string works fine.

Colored string is cool too.

I think white string is more appealing.

I’m not blind. :-\

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I think this thread should be renamed ‘Why is there black polyester string?’ I don’t see why you would want to use black string, it would never show up!

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Back to black poly string, there is technically some…you can get it right here! Ok, so it’s not entirely black. There’s some that has black string mixed in with the lime green, looks really cool. I picked some up earlier (YYE’s Expert String), looks really good on my yoyos I picked up.

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It would be cool to see someone wear a black mask, a black shirt, with black trousers and black shoes, do a freestyle with a black string but with a glow in the dark yoyo, in a black background.