Black YoYo String


Does anyone know of any good brand string that come in Black? I’ve been looking and can’t really find anything D:


Kitty String comes in black. My brother uses black KS on his Level 6.


Kitty String Normal has black in 100 counts


Thanks you! I guess I overlooked it when I looked.


I think Twistid stringz or just black Nd grey


Don’t sacrifice color for quality :wink: if a string you want to get doesn’t come in black, oh well :-\


Crocostrings come in black.


ask TA she loves her black yoyo string


was just about to say that lol


I won’t be [: There’s nothing wrong with Kitty string!


I could send you some string samples if you would like. I have two types which I make in black, and I would be happy to send some your direction to try.

EDIT: shoot me a PM if you are interested :smiley:


I love black yo-yo string. I have a box full of stock strings in all different colors. When I get a new throw, I remove the stock string and put it in the box. I exclusively use black. I use Kitty String, Yoyo String Lab or the black string Crococorey made for me.


Those were black Cat Tails :).


Freestyle, off the top…in a zone.

Nothing looks more classy,
Than black string, if you ask me.
Don’t like clashes with my splashes, :smiley:
But black string always matches.
Those colors, I just won’t pay,
and white… it looks okay,
But black gets mo’ play,
The other colors…no way.
Kitty, YoyoString Lab, that entails,
My Crocostrings…because I play cat tails,
So, if you’re cool like that,
I think that, you’ll like that,
Cause tricks look smooth like that,
And, that’s why I use black.


I don’t think you’re ever NOT in the zone. :stuck_out_tongue:

closes eyes and bops head to the beat


:wink: I figured I hadn’t given you one in a few days. Haha.

On a side note, I got a Krown and it’s all you said it would be. I’m so happy with it…black string included, of course. :slight_smile:
Krown by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Crocostrings are some great strings. Black fat cat tails would be great!


Fat cats? That sounds cool. :wink: