Buddy Jim's Nor Cal String

1st I'd like to start off by saying.... I've only been YoYoing seriously for about a year come Oct, in the beginning I had only used YYE Poly and Slick 6 and once I started to get more advanced and wanting to learn about more then just the YoYoing Aspect of it all, so I started Learning about Modding, Different Types, Styles, Feel, and Texture of YoYos. But it was Learning about String that caught my attention, I liked how you can Experiment with the Different types of Materials, different Lengths, and How you make it. On top of it all, it's cheaper and more easier to get the materials then it is to get the good String with having to order it from one of the sites in another Country, plus like I told Buddy Jim I was moving on to more advanced tricks and with the YYE Poly I was using, I was having trouble doing the Whips and my arm was ready to fall off, lol. So my goal was to set out and make a Whippy type String and I think I pretty much achieved that, Um... with my 1st string I made, I landed a Hidemasa Hook on the Second try and was actually pretty excited, I mean dang I just landed my 1st  Whip Trick and with all things my own String that I made, Yay Me lol. Needless to say with most the Whip tricks I try learning come more easier for me with my Poly String. I then started seeing more and more people making their own string and having Reviews pop up, So I decided I needed to do the same with mine and that’s when I noticed Buddy Jim’s Post on his Version of ThrowDown with Bobby Flay (I think that’s the name) only he called it String Throwdown, Buddy Jim’s Opponent picks a Judge from the list that Buddy Jim Posted. Buddy Jim and his Opponent then Send their String to the Judge and each other if decided by Buddy Jim and his Challenger. The 3 will Play the String Hard then they write a Review about how they liked or disliked the string. Well I thought what better way to Get my review out there then to enter this cool little contest thing and get a cpl reviews and my String out there. So on to what I really am suppose to be writing about.
So I mailed out my String and Received Buddy Jim’s String fairly quick, Not much of a wait at all and it was a pretty simple set up, the String with a note explaining the Type and Colors all in an Envelope. Pretty simple and cool when you open it and see the Bright colors. Let me start out by saying, I like the Colors and feel of the String, Amazingly Bright with a Soft feel to it. Mind you I have never tried any other Strings other then the YYE Poly, Slick 6, and my String that I make, So I was really excited to try  this String, But all that Excitement disappeared when I actually got ready to use it and Noticed that the String had a Pre-Tied Loop on them and the String was a little on the Short side. I usually use a Longer String when I Yo-Yo, so using a Short one was a little different. I put the String through it’s Paces the best that I could. And Honestly I wish it was a little longer, Because I liked the String, it had a different feel to it then mine. It kept Loops open for nice Suicides, Whips where ok, and as for Slacks um… Well I’m still learning how to do those, lol. Overall, for me I set my standards kinda high, so I have a goal to reach for. So if this was my String, Things I would and Wouldn’t Change are…. I wouldn’t change the way he makes it, it gives the whole String a different feel, I wouldn’t change his Colors or Materials for it is like Buddy Jim’s Fingerprint, it’s like his Style and his Style only. Now I would change the Length, they could be a little longer and more consistent in size (it seemed they where all a different sizes), I would change the Pre-Tied Loop on it, I think giving the User/Customer the option in size makes for a better Playing experience and they can adjust it to there comfort zone. And as for the Packaging, if he continue to send out his String in Multiple Styles then yeah keep the Envelope with a note explaining the names and type, if he plains on selling it in individual styles then maybe do a different type of packaging with a label or something, But like I said before, I set my standards high so maybe I expected more.
Overall, if I was gonna buy more of his String I would have to have it longer, but other than that I really Liked Buddy Jim’s String, He Twists his String Different from how I twist mine and that’s what makes Him stand out, He makes his String different then any other String Maker out there and it makes for a Unique feel. If you want a String with Bright Vibrant colors and Many Styles and Feels then Buddy Jim is your Guy, He’s been around making String for a little while now and Knows what the Player is looking For. As for our String Throwdown that we have Competed in, We’re still waiting for our Judgment on it, the person that is suppose to Write the Judgment Review is Busy I guess , So maybe soon we will see the Results of The Buddy Jim Vs. BiggRob String Throwdown.

Great review, but you guys should consider sending both your string to one person and that one person testing it. Then it will make the decision more fair, and easier.

We did that. We sent to somebody on YYE, and that’s where the result of the contest will be decided. As for our personal comment between each other we just wanted some feed back between string makers.

Yup we’re waiting for a decision on that, But I’m finding as makers, we enjoy trading String and giving each other tips and what not and on the note. Buddy Jim, have you tried that Toxic String yet, Evan Evans is his name. Great guy, we traded a 10pk and was impressed. I also trade with this Chic named Jen Jenn on FB, She started making some String called Twisted Stringz, a tad bit different then what I’m use to. She was real nice though, she sent me like 2 or 3 of every kind of string, so i could try them all out to see what else is out there. She collects String I guess, Also shes part of Ditch Down Crew in which I join recently. I found them all to be cool and willing to trade string.

haven’t tried those. When I get a holiday I’ll have to throw some together for trades.