buddy jims string

ok me and buddy jim traded string(i still have to send mine) but im going to do a short review on them

humboldt honey- these strings imho are some of the best string i’ve played i love these they keep great tension and are great for suicides they keep a big loop i highly recomend these if you want a great string

mendocino moma- these strings are also great but they slip about 1/10 times but these are still amazing strings they keep there tension and are just great

sollono sweetness- these poly strings are a upgrade from highlights and they play better than highlights they keep tension well and made my yoyo less snaggy

sonoma valy girls - ok these strings are great broken in but are stiff right away, they caused my genesis to slip but then again my kpads are old but when broken in these things are a dream they whip awesome and keep tension great

thanks for viewing and order strings from him they are all around great (imho better than gstrings(yet again i dont like gstrings that much))

Thanks again mate

I’m stoked to get my test strings now!!! The way this sounds I think we will be seeing these on my FHZ mods real soon ;D

sounds like pretty good string i wonder how all these people make them. 8)

Well just to add to the mystery… (I don’t use a drill, or anything with electricity for that matter.) ;D Now that’s unique.

a pencil?

Nope my methods are mysterious, and I am almost willing to bet money that no one makes them like I do. ;D ;D

Do you use some kind of manual spinner? like you spin something like one of those window openers in old cars that you spin, and it’s somehow conected to several hooks that spin every time you spin the main handle? I hope you understand what I am talking about, lol.

  1. Be mysterious
  2. ?? ??
  3. Profit!

My “guess” is that he uses one of those old mechanical egg-beaters :wink:

I was describing something like that, but the handle would (Maybe) spin several hooks instead of two. I am going to try an egg beater like that tomorrow morning. :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: That’s to funny man. (and yes your getting warmer)

Old school hand drill

That’s where I got my motivation, but no that’s not it.

a old quilting thing use have to pump with ur foot or a blender

Nope. Try looking at the strings they’re all made out of POLYESTER so I didn’t name em nor cal strings for the material I’m a sober individual so what else can you do in Northern California.