Buddy Jim Boss Strings(first string reveiw)

So Buddy Jim, and I were talking a few weeks ago. And he needed parts for a YYf steel whistling yoyo. Mine stripped out of something and was sitting in a box so I sent him the parts and he sent me two packs of his normal polyester string. The string came very nicely packaged and bundled very nicely. The wrap is a little weird to get at first, but the ones I got had the tie as a boss economy string which is poly cotton mix. The video below is showing how to untie the bundles. With his prices being so cheap(20 for $4) this string is a steal in some very nice colors. http://i.imgur.com/OCZwzjI.jpg(black on there is how it came with the economy string wrapped on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eZ88PjtshcI With the poly string the string is very soft and breaks in even softer. I find it holds tension pretty well even though it is lightly wound. The string also lasted a day and a half before fraying to badly. With the colors also they never faded badly which I like a lot. I recommend this string if you are looking for a nice soft 100% polyester string On the buddy jim economy string, This is the polyester cotton mix which is very nice for being poly cotton. this string is rough but that doesn’t bother me, because it broke in and smoothed out. This string I highly recommend for fast whipping play. It holds slack well enough for suicides and whip slack tricks. I am not the best to put all these through their paces because I don’t do much of these type of tricks. Although I do find the ones I do this string works amazing. The colors are very bright and vibrant which is always nice. So in conclusion the two strings i reviewed I grew very fond of and will try his newest string which is $4 for 10 strings instead of his $4 for 20 strings. his prices are very reliable along with his customer service.

I was curious and ordered 25 strings (100% poly and economy) a couple months ago. I liked the play of his strings, but I ran into one issue - the strings came pre-tied with a knot, and ended up being too short for me to use (at least for the ones I received/ordered). I’m around 5’8" and the strings all came up to a little below my belly button. They worked well for learning chopsticks and horizontal, but I ended up giving most of them to my friend who is shorter than me.

Don’t let this deter you though, these strings are pretty nice!

Oh man. Sorry to hear it didn’t work so well. If I can actually get an additional anchor point I think I might be able to actually go bigger in size. (Ps this idea just came to me.)

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