Buddy Jim

  A while back I was contacted by Buddy Jim about some strings.  He asked if he could send me some strings out of the kindness of his heart.  He simply asked for a chance to do something nice and nothing in return.  he also asked for some color options that I like.  For some of you that know me, you know I instantly chose red and black.  I gave him my address and today the string arrived.  Buddy Jim wanted to do a good deed, and I was taught that no good deed goes un-noted.  So here is a review.  (My first review.  Let's not be to harsh.)

  When I first got the packs of string, I was astounded by the colors.  Red and black is normally a very mundane combination, not bright and colorful at all.  But the way that Buddy Jim does it-is amazing.  He threw in other colors to really bring out the red and black.  He did send me a straight set of JUST red and black, and I must say, it does look bland compared to the "master mixes" made by him.  I must say, if the strings play as well as they look, I will be in for a pleasant surprise.  As I continued to look at the strings, another thing kind of threw me off. I was only supposed to have five or so strings, but there was an entire envelope FULL of string.  I pulled one out and threw it on my Genesis.  The first throw yielded less than appealing results.  For one, the string is unbearably long.  I'm, a guy that stands around 6'3", so I don't generally cut my strings.  This batch reached up to my chin.  I can honestly say that if he would cut the string about a quarter length shorter, it'd be perfect.  Now I realize that cutting your own string isn't a big deal, but if he would cut the string a quarter length shorter, he could make one more string for every four he would have made otherwise.  It's just a practice in efficency and a simple suggestion.

  The more that I played with the string, the more I felt aware of it, it was a different feeling string that most I have played.   It isn't as soft as Highlites are, but it is not rough either. This stuff feels like it will take a beating, but that will be tested in the days to come. It didn't feel complete un-natural either.  It almost felt like I had picked up one of my favorite strings from years past and decided to play it.  A truly magical feeling if I do say so myself. I do have a complaint about tension though.  He seems to tie his strings to loose.  As I played a bit, I couldn't hit a suicide on the stock string.  I tried to loosen the string, thinking maybe it had become taught from a spin out that I hadn't controlled.  But it was just naturally loose.  Simple solution was to do a SideWinder, the string was amazing after that.  I decided to experiment with more suicides.


 The suicide loop open up more than any other string I have ever used. It almost feels as though you have time to get a sip of coffee or soda before you even have to worry about catching the loop.  It's always there, it never gets lost in the swing.  I have to say, if you are a suicide fanatic, this string will suite you well.  As I moved on to more complex tricks in my arsenal, I noticed something -not odd, but intriguing-.  This was that I could all of the sudden hit whips faster and more accurately than I had before.  I'm not saying that it was ALL of his string doing that.  But it definently had something to do with it.  The more I threw at it, the more it laughed and said, "That all you got Boyo?".  

All I can say is that if he could fix the tension error that occured in my batch, he would have a life long customer in myself.

Buddy Jim, I’m glad to say that you’re product get’s the “Q Stamp of Approval”.

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That’s because Jim is the man!!! ;D

Great review. Buddy Jim’s string is awesome.

I thought all string lost tension as it stretched out…

Which format is great at suicides like you said?

Humbolt Honey

i am getting some of his string in a trade!

i’m still curious how he twists his though…

Hmm now this is just a thought, but which string, (or has it been all of them) is loose. If the Black/Red is loose there’s a simple explanation for that. Contrasts for some reason can’t take the same but kicking tension that blends can (usually). I guess that’s funny to me since my feedback on blends is that they are almost to tight on tension. I could really learn from some of this feed back.

The Black/White/red blend is the one that I had problems with. Otherwise the rest were okay.

Weird well in all orders involving $$$ I usually comp a few extras just incase this happens. Just gotta work on consistency I guess.