Review of Buddy Jim's Del Norte String.

First off I’d like to thank my good buddy Jim for letting me try his string. Now, he gave me three string to test, he gave me extra thick red/teal (extra thick), Blue teal (normal thickness), and orange purple (50% thick 50% thin). Before I tried these string I was thinking too myself what other strings these would play like. Well, I’ll tell you these strings are like nothing you’ve ever seen. One of the things these strings have that separates them from the pack is their texture. It’s really unique; I don’t think I can accurately describe it in any other way though. This also allows them to play pretty good in humidity.

Orange/Purple: Ok, I’ve never been one for psychedelic colors, but these seem ok if not good. After my first throw I notice these strings are pretty stiff. Perhaps a little too stiff for my taste, but not so much that it’s really a problem. It whips well and holds tension superbly. The stiffness made whips great but slack drops were a little tricky. They were pretty thick and a little heavier than highlights. This string, though good at most things, does not seems to hands suicides that well, even with good string tension the loop did not seem to stay open that well. I’d say these strings are good for slack and whip based play but also work good for fast play. So it’s kind of a compromise.
Tension: 8.5/10
Whips: 8/10
Slack drops: 5/10
Suicides: 6.5/10
Binds: 9/10
Capability for fast based play: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Red/Teal These strings play a lot like the previous strings. But they feel a little thinner. They certainly play more like thin string. They are very flexible, have fast whips, and a good for fast play, and they still hold tension great. Their suicides are about as good as the Orange/Purple. The color way is pretty good too. They handle slack drops a little better than the previous string but are worse at whips.
Tension: 8
Whips: 7/10
Slack drops: 7/10
Suicides: 6.5/10
Binds: 8/10
Capability for fast based play: 8.5/10

Blue/Teal I like the color way on this string a little more than the others. It’s a blue with a lighter blue. Now, I was expecting these strings to play a lot like the other strings, (which play quite similar) but these were quite different. They still have that interesting texture though. When I first threw with this string I noticed it was the bounciest string I had ever played with. Now, all strings are bounciest on their first throw but this string was quite shock absorbent throughout the entirety of play. They also hold tension like no other, tension has no meaning to them, I’ve adjusted tension very very very rarely with these strings. Unlike the other strings, these are beastly at suicides. They practically open up the loop themselves. The slack drops are just great. And the whips are wonderful. And it’s fairly flexible. There is one nagging problem with strings though. They tend to be very responsive. It accidentally bound on me while I was in the mount at the very last part of White Buddha (note they didn’t always bind). So may be a tad too responsive. But that aside these are great string for more of a guy write style.
Tension: 9.5
Whips: 8.5/10
Slack drops: 9.5/10
Suicides: 9/10
Binds: 5/10 (I say this taking into consideration that they maybe bind too well)
Capability for fast play: 6/.510

Final Thoughts These are all great strings. If you really like fluffy strings get the blue/teal (my favorite). If you really like fast, thin strings get the red/teal. And if you’re in the middle get the purple/orange. They all great and I’d recommend them to anyone. I’ll be buying more.

Have you ever played G-String PX format string? The extra thick string you were talking about kind of sounds like PX and I’d be interested for a side-by-side comparison.

No i haven’t.