Buddy Jim's string

First of I would like to thank Buddy Jim for letting me review his strings.
I would like to just explain a bit about the testing conditions.

I was in air conditioning (thank god) so no sweaty hands. I like to play rather slower with more showy moves, but for this I also tested whips on all strings. All of these were played on a stock sasquatch with a ten ball bearing. This also the first time I’ve tried a string other than 100% poly or cotton.
Sonoma Valley Girl:
This string plays great. Whips are good, string tension is good. It slides across the hand well other than the metal part of the string, that’s right this string has a metallic string part included, because of this I recommend playing this with gloves. However, because of this metallic string it catches the very worn down response every time. The string is a little thicker but also sturdier, therefore the great whips. Overall this is a great sting, but I would recommend an order of gloves with it.

Hard Core:
This string is AMAZING!! It holds its tension really good. It also whipped pretty good. I actually over shot a few iron whips with this string. It’s kind of hard to describe this strings amazingness but it’s just awesome. I had no trouble getting about 4 or 5 layers of sting into the squatch gap. I’m not quite sure what is in this string but looks cool with black and red or grey and red together. For some reason, I don’t know whether it was the string or just an odd coincidence but I only had this string snag on me once which usually happens a lot more than that for me. Overall I love this string and plan to make an order of it soon.

While I was sent more strings I have only gotten to try these two fully. So check back either tomorrow or Friday for the review of medicino moma’s and some humboldt honey.