Review of Buddy Jim's Nor Cal Inspired String

First Off I would like to thank Buddy Jim for sending me some strings to test. I have been super busy so i have only tried the one buddy jim would want me to review. I am reviewing the Unamed one.

First thoughts

When i first put this on my yoyo I thought it would have trouble breaking in, but no, this string broke in right away. I also thought this looked a lot like Alchemy and it feels like Alchemy too. I didn’t realize these are really bright too, they are just as bright as highlight IMO.


These strings play really fast and can handle just about anything, and can handle anyones style. They Feel great and they are really good for Lacerations, Suicides, and really fast play. The only thing i didn’t like about the string is that it whips way to fast, I think if it didn’t whip so fast it would be perfect.

Other Thoughts

I think these are thinner than highlights and much better than highlights. These strings last so long. I have played about 3 hours today and it still feels and looks like new. I also think this string is very durable and is really good at hops.


Tension 7.5/10
whips 7/10
Durablity 10/10
suicides 10/10
Binds 9.5/10
Fast Play 11/10 Yes 11 is better than 10.
Feel 9/10
lacerations 9.5/10

Overall I give it a 9.5/10

Final Thoughts

This String is really good and I recomend it to anyone. This string fits anyone and everyone. The bright orange looks great and even greater on my Green Canadian Crest Wooly Marmot. I love these strings, I really do. I think buddy Jim just found a new customer who is going to buy a lot of strings in the future.

Thanks again buddy Jim for Letting me review your string.


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How does one purchase this string?