Buddy Jim's Norcal Inspired string review

so I recently got a chance to try out buddy jim’s string he is making. It’s going to hard to write this review with out an “s” key but i’ll get on with it.

First Impressions:
These strings came in an envelope with 3 types of string. 3 Humboldt Honeys (EC) Huskeys, thin, middle, and thick. The colors caught my eye, just only the yellow one looked a little mixed and didn’t look very good. My tricks are mostly hops and slacks, so I kept that in mind in this review.

These strings definitely felt rough at first, to my dismay, yet after a couple of minutes of play, they broke in and softened up just how I like it. They have the consistency of highlights, which is good because highlights are all that I use.

Middle- These strings definitely have bounce to them unlike other homemade strings. This makes them good for hop tricks which are my specialty. The tension held well, opening up suicide loops nicely and slacks were open nice and wide. They were good for whips and lacerations as they were fast, but not uncontrollably fast. These are probably my favorite out of the bunch.

Thin- Thinner than highlights, faster than highlights, better than highlights. These strings don’t have a problem with slipping or binds. They keep their tension well and slacks open up nicely. Not as much bounce as the the middle string, but it makes up for it by being amazing for sidestyle. This string is really fast and slides with ease. Whips are a bit slower than the middle string, but thats not a problem.

Thick- Thicker than highlights. these have more bounce than the others. None the less, these play almost identical to the middle string. Great at holding tension, suicides, and slacks. Great at sidestyle and super fast.

These strings are one of my favorites as of now, super fast, nice bounce, and holds tension wonderfully. Thanks to buddy jim for the chance for letting me try these strings. I will probably will use these at my next contest. The only thing I have to say is to make them a little brighter. It’s a bit hard to see them in low light. Overall, these strings are top class.

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Thanks and I am trying to figure out brighter for my thicker strings, but atleast on the thin I can do Brights pretty well. ;D