Buddy Jim's Norcal Inspired String Review

So, I received Buddy Jim’s Norcal Inspired String last week and I don’t really have the attention span to write a super long review so here it is.

So out of the packaging I look at it and feel it and I think, great, these are just gonna be the same as my strings; thick, rough, and can’t hold tension. I personally like string that is rough because you don’t usually get burn, you get callus’ on your finger. I also like them think because I could whip them so hard I can hear it. Although, I can’t stand string that can’t hold tension, and thats why I stopped mine and am now buying Norcal. He somehow made a tight, heavy, rough string that held tension.

So here it is:
Whips- Fast, like super fast
Texture- Rough
Color- He only sent me one bright one that was worth the play but awesome varieties
Suicides- Who cares? Does anyone do suicides anymore? Great loop opening action.

So overall, I would say get some, wether it be 3 or 10 strings. I would say at least try it.

Guy wright…

Tyler Severance, and everyone else.

me. Ed Haponik.