Quick review of Buddy Jim's nor cal inspired string

I would REALLY like to thank Buddy Jim for letting me try out his new string. I really can’t say anything the other threads have said so I’ll break it down nice and simple

One thing I would also like to pint out is that all these strings are great at suicides, slacks, whips and hold tension great!

Humboldt Honey:Soft, thin, slippy binds on large gap yoyos

Mendocino Moma:Rough, but will get softer over time, my favorite of the three. Great for large gap yoyos

Sonoma Valley Girl: Rough and because of the metalic stripe I didn’t really like the feel of this string. Very “elasticy” if that’s a word.

Overall these are great strings! Personally I will be using the Mendocino Moma string as my main string from now on! Thanks again Buddy Jim