nor cal inspired string review

So first, I want to say thanks to Buddy Jim for letting me try these strings.

Nor Cal inspired string~

Packaging ~ standard envelope with the strings and a letter telling you which colors are the different types of string.

First impressions ~ the string is really colorful! I love the color blends.

Playability ~ well buddy Jim gave me three types of string to test, Humboldt honeys, Mendocino momas, and sollono sweetness.

Humboldt honeys ~ these strings are awesome. They bind well in large gap yoyos despite what other people say. There pretty good all round strings, so you can do really any tricks with them. Including whips suicides and technical tricks. Overall, I really like these tricks for overall awesomeness.

Mendocino momas ~ these strings are the bomb! They are awesome for slacks and suicides and especially whips. They are slightly thicker than the Humboldt’s is and are somewhat rougher than the Humboldt’s is. Overall, I really like them.

Sollono sweetness ~ these strings are nice. They do take some break I time but after they are broken in, they are very soft. The whips and suicides are good and for the slacks they are really good. I like them. overall i like them pretty good.

All of these strings hold tension really good.

overall ~ so overall i really love the strings. there much better than highlites and i love them. I would recommend getting them if you are a hard-core player, as they can handle most styles of play and handle tension really well.

ill have pictures later