Buddy Jim's Triangle Cop String Review

First off I’d like to thank Buddy Jim for allowing me to test out his string. Now to the review:
When I first received the string it was rough…really rough. After a little play they started to soften up. The string is very good at holding tension. I was able to do 15 suicides before starting to get spaghetti string. Whips are done with ease. The loop stays open and when you whip you can even hear it.
This string does not give you string burn. Even though it’s thicker and rougher it glides on the string.
This string is very durable. I have been using this string for about 2 days and it is still strong.
I think that I may have found my new favorite string.

1a: Large bearing:Great;Small bearing:Okay
2a: Bad
3a: Varies
4a: Okay
5a: Large bearing:Great;Small bearing:Okay

Able to hold tension
Long lasting

It’s extremely rough at first
Not good for small bearing yoyos

BTW This is my first review

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Thank you very much. I haven’t been able to play this string as much as I would have liked. This also helps me with my big bearing/small bearing theory. In looking at the material used I think I could do this string for small bearing, but I will half to toy around with the idea.

You’re welcome. I’d be glad to help anytime!