Buddy Jim's Maximum String

Alright, so I wa placed with the oppurtunity of posting a review for Buddy Jim’s Nor Cal Inpired String called the format of Maximum. So without further-a-do, the review.


I have been in a string trade before with Buddy Jim. His work has impresed more than other homemade string brewers. It wa high quality tuff and really felt like professional string. When I was picked I was stoked on reviewing his string. Although would it play like hi last master pieces?

Out of the Envelope

-I recieved thee strings neatly packed in an envelope. blah blah blah.

[Fast Forward]

When I first took these out of the package, they were soft yet felt a little thin. I compared them to store bought string, the were about the same width except a little tighter. I strapped these on my CODE1 and played them.

I had a good first impression, out of the box they played very nicely. The were on the bouncy ide which was nice for heavier yoyos. I felt they really didn’t whip the fastest compared to his other string or other brands. They felt a lot like an enhanced YYE poly. They played amazing but omething felt like they were related in a sense.

After a week of play

After a week of play the bigget problem I had of the string was the tension. Buddy Jim did warn me about this. I know for a fact this is a hard problem to fix. It wasn’t enough to throw the tring away, it was just something the was the most noticable.

Although the tension was antsy, the string played very good. It didn’t have any problem at perform any slack tricks. Although I felt it did an exceptional job at suicides. As they broke in, they were soft and friendly to the hand. It was a string I enjoyed to play and come back to.


I was left with a great impresion on these strings. These were definetly a high quality string that was well constructed. Kutos to Buddy for another great format.


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What is the tension problem? I just wanted to know.

From first hand experience, and general feedback I have found that as my strings age they get a little wirey. In particular it looks like when I make a string that is tighter than the kind of strings we can buy in bulk they tend to go this way over time. It is very hard to counter this since making them looser means loosing even more whip ability. (This is just my diagnosis with the experience I have so far. Gizzyo is a type of forefather in the string making business for me.)

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