Those Perfect Yo-yos?

I’ve owned and tried tons of throws, but I still haven’t gotten tired of my Bonfire, 65.5 gm Prestige, and Space Cowboy.

Like seriously, I strongly believe those to be just perfect throws in their own way.

What yo-yos do you feel this way about? Like, ones you still haven’t gotten tired of and will keep forever? And why?

The Cowboy has everything–the blast, stability, fingerspinning capability, etc.
The Prestige has this sweet spot I love.
And the Bonfire is just the king of chill; I feel so creative when I throw it.


Draupnir and Irony JPX, I will never get tired of them ever

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I have 3 that are perfect to me, and a few others that come close. The perfect ones are the throws that I wouldn’t want to change anything about, if I were to be a part of the design process. Those 3 are my Anti-yo Viszilla, SPYY Addiction, and OD Markmont. Next.

As for the close to perfect ones, I’d include my OD Markmont. Classic (I’d like it to be slightly smaller), SPYY Orbitron 5000 (slightly more rim weight and less center weight), and Space Cowboy (slightly lighter with no ridge where the SS rings meet the aluminum on the rim). Overall those 3 are very close to being perfect, and I’ll still never get rid of them.

I’m thinking the Titanium Dream will breach these groups for me. And for a yoyo that I think would be absolutely perfect to me, I really hope to track down a Sovereign someday.

I don’t really like using the term perfect. But, the closest to perfect right now is definitely the YoyoFactory TooH.O.T (blasted). I think it has everything I would look for in a yo-yo. All my favorite features, stable, solid, and fast. Comfortable in the hand, with a great shape and size. It’s gorgeous, and such a fantastic value too. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

My perfect yoyo is probably the Isotope 2. Does everything I like it to do just the way I like it. Not too solid on the string, very stable. Easily my favorite Yoyo I’ve ever used.

Hmmmmm… Its a pretty close race, but I would say my closest to perfect yoyo that I have right now is my Caesar. I can’t think of a single thing negative about it

My Advance Scout… It’s just got this magic feel, really perfect weight and balance. I’m almost afraid to try the production Scout (though I really do want to) because I want it to be better, but I can’t imagine how it could possibly get better than this.

I second MarkMontClassic. I usually prefer undersized but I always go back to the MC. It’s soooper comfortable, fun, high performance, bead blasted with an easy catch zone and side effect equipped to boot. If you wanna change weight- no problem, worried your threads are jacked- no problem, throw in new effects and good to go.

The closest to perfect for me would be:

  1. One Drop Cascade
  2. CLYW WM2, Advance Scout, Chief, Orca
  3. sOMEThING Slasher
  4. Gen Yo Model 10

The Valor with a blast would be pretty close to perfection for me.
The Krown somehow magically more comfortable on the catch (couldn’t really do it without changing weight distro or shape, then it’s a whole new yoyo… just talking un-reality zone here…)

Special mention goes out to the Queen, TooHOT, and El Ranchero. :wink:

CLYW Chief/Yeti

Chief for me its one of those amazingly chill throws I can’t imagine getting rid of it.

Honerable mention to the Wooly Marmot 2

Man, cascade and wm2 are close seconds for me. If cascade was the size of wm2 or even a little smaller w/ a bead blast I think it would take my cake.

A yoyo would never steal your cake yoyo’s are perfect creatures

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Broken yoyos sumo for sure

Miss my Sumo :frowning:

-Rally - Awesome Plastic\hybrid
-Bonfire - My new best friend
-Modded FHZ - Just a good 'ol throw!


I think my nickel plated Spin Dynamics Flow is about as close to perfect as I’ve played. The YYF Cypher and Too HOT are darn close.

The perfect yoyo is perfect for a while, but then it becomes not perfect.
I have had three perfect yoyos
The chief
The cascade
And the arctic circle 1

Ti-Walker. After all this time; still perfect.