Things you hate and pet peeves

When people try to over-represent themselves.

Admins. Especially YYE ones. Lol.

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Is this because your rant post got locked? ::slight_smile:

^ pwned…! how do i quote the person who said the quote all i get is what they said

Do you mean like this?

I just hit the quote button and it gets both.

I hate obamacare and people who hate a company just cause there made in China.


And people who try hard to quote movies and do it wrong.

Because “Christ” is a hot word for people that are too non-religious to say it, but still celebrate a Christian holiday, apparently.


A bunch of stuff was mentioned here like incorrect grammar, obnoxious adolescents, but one of the biggest for me are people who look at something , judge it as too hard, and complain without trying to understand it. I’ve actually asked some of my teachers to let me take a walk in the hall before I get thrown out for starting something. And I’m not an angry guy by any means, I just can’t stand ignorance!

quite strange, but “double tapping” annoys the heck outta me. you dont wanna be near me if that happens

This may have been mentioned but one of my pet peeves I people who cut lines. Especially when they pretend they are talking to someone in the line so that they can just jump in. This happens all the time during lunch in my school! I hate it.

Unfairness, and people who think they get special treatment compared to everyone else, like some of my classmates.

Kinda pisses me off when good looking people get a better service or even free stuff from places than ‘ordinary’ or ‘not-too-good-looking’ people [and I’m using the terms loosely]
What I’m trying to say is that, for example, your extremely pretty friend got a free upgrade or even the whole drink itself at Starbucks.

Good looking people have it easy.

I hate when I see high school age kids hanging out at restaurants and being really loud. Like for real, they can be so loud and obnoxious sometimes, makes it difficult to eat. Its just something that bothers me I guess.

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hate is such a strong word.

I hate haters who hate haters.

So you hate yourself?

I hate hate.

I’m simply shocked that there are some kids who don’t think “lm**o” is a curse.

Kids these days, you gotta love 'em.

I hate you for that

I dislike:

Cheap chinese knock-offs
Chinese factories
Getting treated differently because I have a skateboard with me
People judging
Being called a redneck because I do stuff that is actually fun like fishing and hunting and snowmobiling