pet peeves

so what are you’re pet peeves peeves.

mine is when people eat burgers up side down

When people who arent legit try to make themselves seem legit to me.
Which is usually everyone.

When people call Christmas “X-Mas” not sure why but I just don’t like it.


yeah I know thats one of mine also

Posts about pet peeves. :wink:

when people wear silly bands…

Incorrect grammar and punctuation. In written form. I think it’s discourteous. If you’re writing it down, then take the [bleep] time for it to be correct! I can overlook small things, but sometimes it really pushes my buttons. This goes for texting, too.

when people go around cussing and saying derogatory terms, and using rude hand gestures, as well as using language that should not be used in polite company.

oh me to, alot

Obviously, this post of yours proves how important I am, compared to you. Although, now that I think about it, we could always swap places and you could change your name to “everyone.” Then you would be right, this one time.

. >
You did that on purpose didn’t you…

My parents wont let me have a pet

do you know what that means???

My parents don’t love me

lol (go fluttershy)

but no, seriusly it means something that really bugs you

I’m allowed to have bugs, just not like a pet.

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when people phish for compliments

ROFLLOLOMGWTFBBQ!!! You think you’re legit? That just made my night XD

My pet peeves; ‘squeakers’ on XBL, stoned people on XBL, specific forum moderators, reposts on Funny Junk, the hype surrounding YYF, environmentalists, greenies, bad political decisions(any country), when I wake up and find all of my sheets on one side, people who swear for no reason, fanboys, pop music, rap, country music, fat people clogging up the indoor track at my gym, said fat people who need my help getting out of the machine they sat in, GM, little girls who constantly yell, campers in any FPS, being scared s**tless playing Amnesia(you can’t not get scared btw), sore losers…
This could go on for days so I’ll stop.

Yes. I agree. Except the track I run on is outdoors.