Things you hate and pet peeves


Name the things you hate and your pet peeves.
What im saying is just based on my OPPION i repeat my OPPION

Things i hate: Hippacrits, 2 faces people, a person who you think you can trust where you really cant trust them at all, Chicks that expect so much from you



Immature teens who make a scene out in public, line jumpers at theme parks, lazy parents, unsupervised kids and toddlers out in public (my day, the leash was tighter), and lack of respect, common sense, and morals that seems to be increasing. Also, spoiled kids who have to have everything and never use it, and our ‘nerf’d’ society (all the so-called dangerous things we had as kids are now either nonexistent or watered down). I’m sure there’s a ton more I can write a novel on.

(George Wollaston) #3

Kittens, puppies, happy people, my friends, my family, outside, inside, sleeping, eating, yoyoing, TV, sport - The list goes on… Adolescence is wonderful isn’t it? :wink:

(JonasK) #4

I have a real annoyance with boiled carrots. You have this amazingly good veggie, and by boiling it you remove all the good taste and then you are left with some soggy orange thing that doesn’t taste well at all.


You can come to my house and play lawn darts anytime. After that we can shoot my bow and arrow at the hay bales (or anything that moves). If you’re extra nice I’ll let you use my Red Ryder BB gun (wooden stock). :wink:



Thank you. Whenever my mom makes boiled carrots she’s all like, “Ithought you liked carrots?”.

I tell her I do but they suck boiled. Gross. The crunch is everything!


I’ll be there next weekend. I got a pack of BBs and nothing to shoot them out of :frowning:

(DOGS) #8

I get irked by people that request your work, but don’t fully understand or appreciate the time and effort going into it. They then see you struggling, or taking the time required, and saying something that boils down to “Well, can’t you just do it?”


Since I have pretty bad OCD, I have a lot of pet peeves. My OCD covers the organizational, doing everything until it feels ‘just right’, and obsessive need for everything to be perfect fields.

What really gets me are people that criticize our veterans, yet they don’t realize what they do for our country.


Criticizing veterans is also something I hate. If you want to criticize, criticize the President, secretary of defense. Not someone who went up to do what he felt was his duty to fight for our country. They follow orders. Criticize the people who give those orders.


I hate:

People who think I am disrespectful, just because I think differently from what it is generally admitted as the right way to think.

People who can’t hold a discussion without using a “heart argument”.

Taboos, censorship, authority abuses…

People who don’t know what “honor” is.



I hate alcohol, smoking, anything addictive that harms your body like drugs, when my blanket is lopsided when I get into bed, cold sores, blisters, long fingernails, dirty fingernails, little annoying children aged 4-8 that are attention wh***s, crying babies, bossy people, people that stare at you as you talk, hard ramen noodles, when the yolk of my egg is fully cooked and hard, french fries, burgers, babysitting, hypebeasts, lots of crusty boogers in nose, dry lips, bug bites, puffy eyes in the morning, dry skin, being hungry, annoying voices of women, super high high-tops (shoes), Justin Bieber hair, auto tune in music, bad smelling farts, and so on.


I hate

lady gaga
justin beiber
brittany spears (especially hate her)
little sisters who around their friends act like they own you.
cold soup
control freaks
led zeppelin
apple inc.
cynical people
people who crave attention
people who use the word “to” to describe the number two



(Jei Cheetah) #15

I hate people who hate on things that they don’t take to the time to truly understand what it really is and they just assume and let the hate roll.


In my opinion, this is a major problem in the world. People fear what they don’t understand, so their natural response is to protect themselves by “hating”. I think this is especially true with certain kinds of people persecuting certain races or religions because of a stereotype or one incident that made said certain people view certain races/religions as “evil”, even though the event didn’t necessarily reflect how the race/religion works.

(Owen) #17

These words have much truth to them. I could eat raw carrots all day long, but boil them, and you destroy the amazing crunch of the carrot


People who use incorrect grammar. They make me want to throw them into a window on the fifteenth floor of a building with a busy street under it.


Hmmm… I usually feel like throwing a dictionary at them.


When people call Christmas ‘X-mas’ (Not really sure why though.).

When people try to act cooler/smarter then someone else.

When people play red vs blue when it comes to politics.