Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves? I get really ticked at people giving out false information, ESPECIALLY regarding Global Warming (The cause of which is an inaccurate model, not actual warming of the Earth).

A bit of a can of worms you’re opening there, but then again, I’m not clear on your stance. “an inaccurate model” is pretty general. “Global Warming Denyers” often misunderstand or misrepresent the facts in this regard. On the other hand, “Global Warming Alarmists” pick and choose from the scariest of facts in an effort to give urgency to their cause.

Kind of causes a bit of misunderstanding in both directions.

Pet Peeves often surround language abuses, such as:

  • Not understanding what “Begging the question means”. Hint: the thousands of times you’ve seen “Which begs the question: ?” are examples of incorrect usage

  • The word “irregardless”. There’s not supposed to be any such word. “Regardless” is what you meant. However, “irrespective” is a word, so g’head and use that one.

  • Any qualifier in front of the word “unique” (for example, “really unique” or “very unique”). The word “unique” is defined as “one of a kind”. You can’t be very one-of-a-kind. Something is unique or it is not, period.

one of mine is when peopkle say the wrong lyrics to songs…

People giving out inaccurate or wrong information, ESPECIALLY regarding yoyos. :wink:

Whenever someone asks the question… This Vs That and offers nothing about what they like or what they play… But even worse is when ppl chime in who have not played one or both of the throws with an opinion… Makes no sense to me…

Say… Majesty Vs. Cliff for example… Or CODE2 Vs. Chief we see that one alot…

“Scuze me while I kiss this guy!” (Scuze me while I kiss the sky)


I don’t know if it’s a pet peeve but I can’t believe all the people that want to be sponsored just to get free gear. I mean come on, the only reason to be sponsored is so you can have a little help spreading the love of yoyoing. I don’t know, purpose is important in life and selfishness is so…egocentric. :wink:

when people say something softly and you say “what was that” and they continue to speak softly. The cycle can go on 3-5 times…

Slow drivers on the road.

Grrrrr. What are these people thinking? Oh yeah, they are not thinking… they are idiots. ???
Sometimes I imagine my car is armed with photon torpedoes. Oh yeah…

I hate it when people sing on the wrong pitch. I am blessed/cursed with perfect pitch so that happens a lot.

When People Type Like This.

But But My Teacher Taught Me to Capitalize Every Important Word! There’s No Way that I was Mistaken Titles for Sentences. That’d be Absurd and Totally Not my Fault!

-Close minded people.

-Those who have graduated 2nd grade yet still don’t know the difference between the forms of ‘your’ and ‘there’.

-When the lead singer has the crowd sing the chorus.

Pet peeve threads! They just peeve me. :wink:

That last one. I also hate it when people stop strumming and tap the body of an acoustic guitar, so they seem multi talented.

But strumming and using the body as percussion is cool.

Me too! It absolutely annoys me. If I can’t sing it, I go lower. I’m not gonna try to sing higher than I can, I just drop an octave.

People who get angry at people who say “Happy Holidays”

When I’m stuck with a “mr. Know it all” in a group.

That awkward moment when the world ends…

When people tell you to do stuff when you’re already doing it. :frowning: