There's no such thing as a free lunch.

I thought I would share a little story with you all of something that happened on my day off.

I often enjoy hanging out around the Haight area of SF. The culture and lifestyle there is amazing, and there are amazing clothing stores around the area that are all absolutely incredible. I often will take day trips out there from my little apartment in Daly City and spend all day just roaming about and meeting up with friends on days I don’t work.

Anyways, I had met up with two of my girlfriends to hang out. We had just come from the record store and were in line to get lunch at a nearby Italian sandwich shop. This was right around prime time for lunch and there was a pretty decent sized line going out the door. As my friends and I talked, I pulled out my OneDrop Project and started throwing a bit. I tend to sort of not notice when people are watching me throw, and I was just in my own zone, throwing and talking to friends.
Suddenly, a voice behind me speaks up. “You ever make money for doin that?”
I turn to see this interesting looking guy, pretty interesting looking dude but not bizarre for the sort of people you see around the Haight. Scruffy, long dreadlocks, bandana, huge backback, and loose clothing.
I explained to him that I never really “perform” yoyo. To which he was surprised.
Turns out, this fellow was a juggler and hooper, and hadn’t seen anyone really do any modern yoyoing. We talked a bit more while in line about our skills, and I showed him some more tricks.
I almost felt bad that my friends were sort of separate from me now, but they didn’t seem to mind.
When it finally got to my turn to order at the front of the line, I was surprised when this guy (his name was Brendan) offered to pay for my lunch. I told him no thank you and it was fine, but he absolutely insisted that he would. And for someone working for minimum wage like me, I decided to take up his offer.

Upon finishing my order, I made a comment on how there was such a thing as a free lunch. To which he replied “Well…not exactly, you said you never show or perform for anyone right? Well howabout as payback, you show your tricks to some of my friends after lunch?”
Turns out, there was a group of hoopers and jugglers who hung around the nearby park, and he wanted me to come show my tricks to them after lunch. I decided that it was only fair, and after lunch, me and my friends headed over.

That was a fun time.

The group there was very cool and relaxed, and sure enough, Brendan made everyone sit down and watch me throw some tricks to which everyone was amazed it seemed :wink:

Me and my friends hung out with that group for a while, and tried our skills at hooping (which is honestly quite fun!). We left SF that day with a new group of friends, and some very much interested in yoyos.


Cool. I guess that’s a little bit of a short comment for a long story, but yeah.

That was cool that he offered to buy you lunch. And that’s pretty cool that they were impressed with how you threw. It’s always good and nice to meet nice and fun people. Maybe they’ll go out and get some yoyos and start practicing now. :slight_smile:

So a complete stranger buys you lunch and then leads you off to a park to meet his friends…?

Pretty trusting, ya think?

Glad your story had a happy ending.


Faith in humanity, good for you. Most people assume the worst and are never able to experience things like this.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us! It gives me a lot of hope and motivation, to go out and meet people again.

You have the most awesome stories! Thank you for sharing!

Wow awesome.

aww man that’s awesome! believe it or not i got similar story one time when i was in the blue moon cafe (its a famous restaurant in Baltimore) and when i was yoyoing outside waiting for a table with my family the waiter was impressed with my yoyo skills he asked me to do it in the restaurant and then i got a free cinnamon bun on the house!

Myself and two friends? All trained in self defense? Yeah…I think I can trust myself. :wink:
Also, the park is so occupied and open, there’s not much chance of finding concealed places.
But yes, I can understand why the scenario sounds sketchy.

Doesn’t sound sketchy to me at all lol anyways I love ur stories!

More Love & Less Hate on this Forum baby! Great tale!

i cried

I used to get free bagels a lot at Einstein’s because a certain guy who worked there loved watching me throw. I always offered to pay but he insisted every time that it was fine. After a couple days I didn’t see him anymore… :-X :frowning: