Sometimes, its best to just put it away...

I am someone who likes to do things with my hands.

I am almost constantly fidgety, and I have to do something with my hands or else my mind goes a bit crazy it seems. When I’m at work during some dead time at the desk, I have a pen that I use for pen spinning. When I’m out waiting for a bus or train, I am probably yoyoing. When I’m sitting down watching tv after a long day of work, there’s usually a contact juggling ball in my hands rolling about as I watch tv half focused on what’s on, and half focused on learning some new move. It’s just the way I am I suppose.

I had a very VERY unexpected turn of events happen to me over the weekend and it all came about as a result of my fidgety hands.

I found myself down by the fishermans wharf area of San Francisco. Normally, I absolutely hate this area as its basically one giant slab of an overpriced tourist trap. But I had been invited to a nearby restaurant by some friends, and I couldn’t refuse some decent, although overpriced food, so I opted to go. The dinner was perfect and we had a great time, and following the dinner, we decided to take a bit of a walk through the area just to take in the sites, and maybe try to convince some tourist not to buy that 45 dollar “authentic SF” cable car figure.

We walked through the pier area and one of the group went to the restroom so we were waiting outside just hanging out and talking. Like my usual self, I took the opportunity to take out my old Cyclon FHZ and throw a bit.

Things got very weird.

A man walked up to me suddenly and grabbed the yoyo, stopping it. I jumped because this guy pretty much came out of nowhere. Immediately he started yelling. “What do you think you’re doing! You can’t do that here! You can’t do that here!” He started screaming right in my face, while the whole time still holding onto the yoyo.

One of my guy friends stepped in and tried to calm the man down asking what I had done wrong.

Immediately, this guy starts spewing out random things about “SF county law prohibits unlawful busking in specified areas under code #### of ####” and I tried to tell this man “Ok, Ill put it away”, but he kept screaming at my face saying “your’e not listening! Respect authority! Do you see my badge? You know what this means?” Keep in mind, he didn’t have any badge on, and he never showed us this “official badge he claimed he had” As the discussion went on, this guy began seeming more and more aggressive, and he still would not let go of my yoyo. I kept asking him to give it back and that I would put it away, but each time I tried to talk he would scream at me to “not disrespect authority”.

My friends kept trying to get this guy to back away from me, getting in between the two of us, but this guy started pushing them away to keep getting closer to me and backing me against a wall.
At this point I was starting to get scared, and was wondering if I was going to have to knee this guy to get him away from me. One of my guy friends started pushing the guy back, to which this guy started throwing more “law code” at my friend about assaulting an “authority official”. Finally, a security officer came over and confronted the man. Immediately, he started yelling at him to “Arrest this woman immediately”, which the officer explained to the man that he needed to calm down and explain the situation further. The officer tried to ask us questions, but this man just would interject and scream to “arrest me” over and over. The officer started getting aggressive with this man and told him that he needed to calm down or he was going to pepper spray him. This made the man very angry and he started screaming more law code into the air.

No dice. He ended up pepper sprayed and on the ground screaming, swearing, and calling me an “evil witch” over and over. Another police officer arrived and they questioned us for a bit. They frankly found the whole thing completely bizarre and had us eventually go on our way. The strange man was arrested, and we all went home a bit shooken up.

Needless to say, this whole ordeal definitely scared me and made me not feel like throwing for a day. I hope I never have to encounter such a man again as that was truly an extremely uncomfortable experience. My friends and I are over it, already joking about how my friends will make sure I don’t have a yoyo on me from now on when we go out. But oh well, best to be safe I suppose.

May this never happen to any of you. Scary scary. :frowning:

Did he look like a hobo?

That’s pretty insane. hugs I’m glad you’re okay and hope this doesn’t deter you from throwing in public in the future.


Wow, when did he let go of the yoyo?

you always have interesting stories lol but i’m sorry to hear that, Occasionally crazy people come into my work and yeah been shaken up a couple times haha.

This is crazy. The worst I have ever had is people tell me I need to act my age and not play with toys. I reply every time with age is just a number. If I’m still interested in playing with toys I will be younger then them forever. Most of the time they just walk away lol

Wow That is crazy! I will admit I started laughing when the guy got peppered! haha

Okay… That sounds like a fun time. Also By the way from the stories I’m hearing about san fransico from you
Makes it sound weirder and weirder every time I hear one of these stories from ya.

IT IS! They have pay for play toilets for heavens sake!!!

him: grabs yoyo
Me: see pic below

usagi is a girl I believe.

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I woulda decked the guy lol

yeah but it was a typo, it was supposed to be makes not males lol

not a bad idea lol

I think he was joking.

You obviously didn’t read thoroughly enough. lol


ding ding ding we have a winner! Sorry autocorrect caught it ugh it’s amazing some days but today I hate it.

i knew what you meant lol people just don’t read close enough i guess.

just reread and you will understand, it wasn’t about joking, it was about misinterpretation, which is actually what you did too lol

Hold on… This guy called you an ‘evil witch’? Where does he know you from?

Was he wearing a Duncan Shirt?

To bad you didn’t meet him on that Alcatraz water taxi. You caught have had that Russian kid thrown him overboard, where your Yoyo sank.

Seriously, you should immediately shouted for help! >>> SOMEBODY, PLEASE CALL 911! This man is assaulting me!

You should have taken the string off your finger and stepped back several feet. That way any witnesses would clearly see him as 'aggressive.

Hold your throat and pretend to be having an asthma attack.

Sometimes, even loonies will straighten up if they think somebody might die on them.

I wish I could have Stunt doubled for you. I would have cut him up so fast, his first priority would have been profuse bleeding.

I work in South Central Los Angeles, at night(for the last 21 years). There are No 2nd place winners where I hang.

Glad you came out shaken and not stirred.


Maybe he mistook one of my cosplays in the past and remembered me and just wanted to get me “into my character”!