Ever hit someone while yoyoing?

 Have you ever hit someone (or almost hit someone) while yoyoing in public? I know i've hit myself in public a bazillion times, but once I almost nailed an old lady in the head while doing Sebby's killer clockwork combo. She gave me an angry look afterwards...

ooh yes i have hit someone in Walmart he brushed into me right when i was doing a combo with the Buddha mount and i nailed them right on the head. It was his fault 100% since there was enough room in the square for me and him so he wouldn’t even have to be close to me but instead he decided to be rude and got a pain for it. lets hope he learned his lesson.

Ive never hit anyone, but Ive come close. I usually play it off as if i meant to do that.

An old lady politely asked me if I could walk the dog once with my Draupnir, so I slapped her.

Seriously though, I’ve never hit anyone else with a yoyo. I tend to be quite aware of my surroundings when I’m throwing so I’ve yet to injure anyone besides myself. :slight_smile:

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Hit my poor ol’ dog once. He will not be in the same room with me while I’m yoyoing anymore.

Hit my two your old sister. I was doing a trick that is like an upside trapeze eli hop and she walked right under it and kapow. Of course, I got in big trouble for it. >:(

I cut one of my dogs with a code 1.

Wow sounds like that guy completely deserved to be whacked in the head. Anyone who walks to close to me should be injured, of course.

Sarcasm aside, I have hit people, usually friends, while trying to Eli Hop really close, but not recently. And once I popped a kid squarely in the eye, but only because someone shoved him towards me in the middle of a hop.

I have not hit anybody accidentally, except one of my friends who ‘claimed’ I hit him. And then there was one of my friends who was being annoying in class, I eli-hopped in the face… gently

I have a kind of dark sense of humor, so this was hilarious :smiley:

My dog is scared when I’m throwing and keeps his distance. I would feel horrible if I conked him. :frowning:

If you’ve hit someone it’s due to extreme carelessness on your part. Be totally aware of your surroundings and be especially watchful in public places. Hit someone and you’ll give someone reason to ban people from throwing there.


Hit a friend’s phone once and i do missed finger grind on poeple whenever someone ask for me doing “the gun” because that poeple is being bad

As a yoyoer, it is your duty not to hurt anybody, nor to break anything.
It’s basically the same thing as being a driver, no matter how wrong the pedestrian is, it will always be your responsibility to prevent one from being injured (at least that’s how it works in France)


Never by accident. :wink:

Ceiling fans quiver when I enter a room though.

Woah guys, that’s pretty crazy. I’ve hit my dog once on the head with my proton In doing sebby’s killer clockwork combo (again). Also I “walked the dog” on my dog before. My poor poodle…

I always and constantly look around and judge my surroundings while playing. I often heavily restrict the amplitude of tricks even if nobody’s particularly close. Throw a sleeper without the same vigour and then do a nice contained little boingy-boing or something.

But that dog, well… that sucked. I didn’t brain him or anything with a full-force throw, but yeah, he’s not a fan.

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Yeah, most throwers (hopefully) pay attention to their surroundings. Occasionally though someone gets a bit of accidental #yoyodamage

Yes on accident of course hit my siblings a few times.

I was listining to music and he ran into my room as I threw breakaway. Hit him on the top of his head.

Yup, and it was hilarious!

But I also throw (when playing responsive) at people’s faces. Once the string broke, back in High School, circa 1994, but the duncan missed and buzzed by his ear. He was pissed, I laughed.

Anyway, I hit myself all of the time and buzz my wife near the head all of the time.

My kids walk around me when I’m throwing and sometimes my daughter sneaks up on stealth mode. I’ve had to reach for the yoyo as it rockets towards her head and have stopped it each time… so far… DUN DUN DUN!

It’s a toy people, never throw a metal at someone though, that actually has left me bruised.