something funny happening in florence

well while we were touring Italy and we were in florence I was waiting for my family while standing at a bridge yoyoing and a bunch of older guys came a long sat down and were talk after about 5 min. of waiting for the rest of my fam. and yoyoing one of the kids all of a sudden through me some money! xP I was a little embarrassed but it was so cool to have a kid randomly goes wow that kids good I’ll toss him some money or maybe he taught me messing up was funny well wat eva I thaught you guys might like it.


Lol, i was at summer camp yoyoing and a bunch of kids said they’d give me money, but they didn’t have it on them… lol, i did manage to get a quater though ;D.

Happens all the time for me. If you’re in a safe neighborhood, just drop a cap and smile. I’ve paid for lunch this way countless times in Boston.

haha sweet I’ll have to try it while we’re back in america for the summer! I guess you just need to be careful where you do it :slight_smile:

Yeah, find a safe area to do it. If you bring a case and someone runs by and swipes your money, DONT RUN AFTER THEM! This is usually a two part plan, the second guy will snag the case!

haha okay ^^ thanks for the heads up man ^^ just wandering how do you know this? has it happened to you?

Not only have I seen it happen right in front of me, but I have a few friends who play instruments in Boston that this has happened to. One guy snatches your tips, and while you are chasing him his partner in crime steals your instrument and case.

WOW O_O well I’l have to remember to only bring two yoyos and have one in myfast holder on my waist